Could You Be a Criminal Mastermind in Another Life?

Mark Lichtenstein

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About This Quiz

You are pretty sure criminals are dumb, and you're not far off, but it's one thing to be a criminal flunky, and quite another to be a criminal mastermind. Do you have the evil cunning you'd need to run a criminal empire?

How intelligent do you think you are?

How sharp are your wits?

How cruel are you?

What is the most cunning thing you did as a child?

What level of crime have you committed?

Have you ever gotten someone else to commit a crime on your behalf?

Have you ever made a financial profit from a crime?

What is your main vice?

What is your second major vice?

Do you surround yourself with loyal people?

Do you surround yourself with intelligent people?

Do you surround yourself with ambitious people?

Do you know how to run a legit business?

Do you know what The Wire con is?

Do you think you could pull off a Pigeon Drop?

Do you think you have the social skills to be a con man?

Have you ever been caught committing a crime?

If you were caught, how did you respond?

Are you willing to put your ego aside for the sake of work?

How stylish are you?

How ambitious are you?

Which is more important, love or fear?

How would you react to a gun pointed in your face?

Have you ever faced death before?

What would you prefer for your public identity?

How would you travel around?

Where do you draw the line?

How much is a life worth?

What is worth the most money per ounce?

What is the goal of the criminal mastermind?

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