Quiz: Corazon Aquino: Heroic Housewife
Corazon Aquino: Heroic Housewife
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Wiki Commons

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She preferred to stay in the shadows, but circumstances led Corazon Aquino into the brightest spotlight imaginable. She didn't shy from her new challenges but instead led a wounded people to new glory. How much do you know about this unforgettable female leader?

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Corazon Aquino was a powerful woman in the 20th century. In which country did she make her mark?
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Aquino became known for what sort of political activity?
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Aquino was better known as what?
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Aquino rose to power even though she was born into an impoverished family.
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How did Aquino's family make money?
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As a young woman, Aquino attended a convent in which country?
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Aquino returned to the Philippines to attend law school. Why did she drop out?
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As her husband pursued a career in politics, what did Aquino do?
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Aquino was raised in a Catholic home. She was a very religious woman.
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What did President Ferdinand Marcos do in 1972?
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What happened to Aquino's husband after the president declared martial law?
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In 1980, Benigno Aquino was released from prison, in part to seek medical treatment. Where did he go?
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In 1983, Benigno Aquino decided it was time for him to return to the Philippines. He left behind his family and headed to his homeland. What happened next?
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What did Aquino do after her husband was shot and killed?
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Benigno Aquino had no idea how much danger he was in when he landed at the airport.
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What did Aquino do following her husband's killing?
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How did Aquino feel about running for president against Marcos?
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How did Marcos respond when Aquino announced her candidacy?
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In the first week of February 1986, Marcos declared an unexpectedly early election. Who won?
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How did Filipinos respond to the election results?
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What was the name given to the revolution that swept Aquino into power?
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Aquino had no political experience when she took office. How was her administration perceived?
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How did leaders of the armed forces react to Aquino's ascension to power?
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Aquino immediately took up major economic and social reforms.
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The Philippines was notoriously unstable during Aquino's time in office. She survived how many coup attempts?
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Aquino introduced a new constitution that overhauled parts of the old Marcos dictatorship. How did the Filipino people respond?
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In 1992, Aquino's presidency ended. What happened?
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She retired in 1992. She disappeared from the spotlight.
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Aquino became an icon for women around the world. How did she die?
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In retrospect, what is the legacy of Aquino and her presidency?
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