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The Cooking Channel provides 'round the clock culinary shows, ranging from instructional programs to cook-offs between celebrity chefs and everything in between. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this flavorful network!

What year did the Cooking Channel premiere?

The Cooking Channel replaced the Fine Living Network on May 31, 2010.


True or false: The Cooking Channel was so successful that it inspired the development of the Food Network.

The Food Network dates back to 1993. The Cooking Channel was intended as a newer, hipper alternative for foodies.


Which of these celebrity chefs did NOT have a show on the Cooking Channel's inaugural lineup?

Flay, Ray, Emeril Lagasse and David Rocco all had shows on the newly launched Cooking Channel, but Puck was not included in the lineup when the network premiered.


True or false: The Cooking Channel gets about half as many viewers as Food Network.

While the Food Network is broadcast into 120 million homes, the Cooking Channel has a potential audience of around 60 million households.


True or false: The Cooking Channel is designed to show more actual cooking shows than Food Network.

While around 40 percent of Food Network airtime is dedicated to cooking instruction, instructional time on the Cooking Channel is closer to 50 percent.


What is the network's slogan?

From the beginning, Cooking Channel has used the slogan "stay hungry," encouraging viewers to explore not only food, but also people and culture.


How many new shows did the network include in its inaugural lineup?

The Cooking Channel included nine new programs, plus reruns of old favorites as well as international shows when the channel premiered.


What meal did Bobby Flay's first Cooking Channel show focus on?

Flay took brunch beyond the basics in "Brunch @ Bobby's."


What 2013 show pitted chefs from Food Network against those from the Cooking Channel?

A 2013 episode of "Chopped All-Stars" brought stars from both networks together to compete in the kitchen.


Who was the host of "Food(ography)"?

Mo Rocca hosted the Cooking Channel original series for two seasons, from 2010 to 2011.


What food was the focus of the first episode of "Food(ography)"?

Rocca started the series by exploring the science of ice cream and ended it with a show inspired by the flavors of Hawaii.


What Rachael Ray program premiered on the network in 2010?

Rachel Ray brought her first new show in eight years to the newly formed Cooking Channel when "Week in a Day" premiered in 2010.


What year did Rachel star in her first episode of "30 Minute Meals?"

Rachel Ray's "30 Minute Meals" ran on the Food Network from 2001 to 2012, before Ray called it quits.


What "Saved By the Bell" star got his or her own Cooking Channel show in 2015?

"Dinner at Tiffani's" premiered in 2015 and features Thiessen inviting formers co-stars to her home for home-cooked meals.


Who took on the hosting duties when "Unwrapped 2.0" premiered?

Former "Fresh Prince" star Alfonso Ribeiro replaced Marc Summers for the launch of "Unwrapped 2.0."


Where are you most likely to find Jim Stacy chowing down?

Jim Stacy is the host of "Offbeat Eats," a show that finds great food in unexpected spots, like gas stations and roadside stands.


What former rapper got his own Cooking Channel show in 2014?

Rev. Run of Run-DMC and his family appear on "Rev Run's Sunday Supper," which premiered on Cooking Channel in 2014.


What show is hosted by Jeffrey Saad?

Saad explores classic American cuisine in "United Tastes of America," which premiered in 2010 with an episode on pizza.


What celebrity chef hosted "Fresh Food Fast"?

In "Fresh Food Fast," Emeril Lagasse taught viewers to fit healthy, home-cooked meals into a busy life.


What state was the focus of Lagasse's second Cooking Channel show?

"Emeril's Florida" premiered in 2013 and focused on all aspects of cuisine from the Sunshine State.


What type of food does Harry Eastwood spend her time covering on the network?

Eastwood has served as host of "Sinful Sweets" since 2015.


What year did "Man, Fire, Food" premiere?

Hosted by Roger Mooking, "Man, Fire, Food" launched in 2012 and examines various ways to cook over an open flame.


What is the cash prize for winning "Donut Showdown"?

"Donut Showdown" pits three bakers against each other, with a group of celebrity judges weighing which will win the $10,000 grand prize.


Who is the host of "My Grandmother's Ravioli"?

On "My Grandmother's Ravioli," Mo Rocca cooks with grandmothers and grandfathers who share their finely tuned recipes.


What cuisine was the focus on "Spice Goddess"?

On the series, host Bal Arneson teaches viewers to use spices to create masterful Indian dishes.


What show was hosted by Aida Mollenkamp?

Mollenkamp hosted "FoodCrafters," which ran from 2010 to 2011 and explored the U.S. gourmet food scene.


Who is the host of "Bitchin' Kitchen"?

Nadia G's "Bitchin' Kitchen" is a cooking show/comedy, with episodes focused on things like creating the perfect breakup meal or impressing the in-laws.


What Nadia G show premiered in 2014?

Nadia G followed up "Bitchin' Kitchen" with "Bite This With Nadia G," which premiered in 2014 and ran for one season.


What type of food does host Noah Cappe focus on?

Noah Cappe is the host of "Carnival Eats," which explores the deep-fried treats and food-on-a-stick found at fairs, carnivals and festivals.


Who is the Mama in "Not My Mama's Meals"?

In the series, which premiered in 2012, host Bobby Deen offers lighter and leaner versions of his mother Paula Deen's favorite Southern dishes.


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