Quiz: The Ultimate Consumer Credit Counseling Quiz
The Ultimate Consumer Credit Counseling Quiz
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About This Quiz

The unthinkable has happened -- you've found yourself deep in debt and don't know how to fix it. Help is available in the form of consumer credit counseling services. Learn how credit counseling agencies help consumers in trouble by taking our quiz.

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When you fall into debt, which of the following might hassle you repeatedly to pay up?
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Consumer spending accounts for _____ of the United States economy.
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Which of the following is a recommended way of managing your debt?
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What is the first step when you turn to a credit counseling agency for help in reducing your debt?
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Which service does a credit counseling agency offer to someone in debt?
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A professional plan to help you get out of debt is called:
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When negotiating with creditors, which concessions can you hope to get from them?
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Many credit counseling services are non-profit. You can expect to pay _____ for such services.
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How long should it take to be free of debt once you institute a consumer credit counseling plan?
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Paying off debt through consumer counseling can help you raise your:
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