Quiz: The Ultimate Concrete or Granite Countertop Quiz
The Ultimate Concrete or Granite Countertop Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

If you think kitchen counter tops are just for chopping vegetables, you're mistaken. Today's countertops are not only a critical design element of any new kitchen, but also a status symbol. If you're in the market for new countertops, take our quiz to see which countertop material is right for your image: concrete or granite.

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Which type of kitchen countertop is considered "top of the line?"
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Which "old" and mundane material has taken on a new identity as a luxurious kitchen countertop?
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The beauty of granite comes from its _____ quality.
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_____ are used to protect kitchen countertops from stains and damage.
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Which color countertop is most likely to show scratches?
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What options are there for kitchen countertop materials besides granite or concrete?
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Which kitchen countertop material is "greenest?'
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How much do granite and concrete kitchen countertops cost including installation?
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