Quiz: The Ultimate Composite Decking Quiz
The Ultimate Composite Decking Quiz
By: Staff
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The backyard deck you built several years ago was finished with wood decking. It's time to upgrade your deck and you're thinking that the new composite decking might be a better choice than wood. Take our quiz to see whether you have your composite decking facts straight.

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If you construct a deck out of wood. what is the lest attractive feature of the finished product?
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What is a revolutionary innovation in options available to install a decking surface?
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What is a distinctive character of composite decking compared to all-wood decking?
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In 2007, what manufacturer of composite decking had their decking recalled because it was breaking even when properly installed?
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How many types of composite decking are currently available on the U.S. market?
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Some composite decking has wood content as high as:
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What is a long-lasting wood preservative that is commonly used with composite decking?
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How long can zinc borate remain active in composite decking?
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How many types of composite decking material are there?
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