Complete These Phrases and We'll Guess If You're More Right-Brained or Left-Brained

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You might think you know if you are more right-brained or more left-brained, but do you know for sure? When's the last time you had yourself checked? After you complete the phrases we give you, we will let you know where you stand these days. All you have to do is fill in the blanks! 

Many phrases we use have unique origins. As we see how you complete them, we will begin to get a good sense of your right-brained or left-brained abilities. You might be creative, like someone who uses their right-brain more, but are you more balanced than others with your skills? Seeing the way you choose words to complete our phrases will tell us which half of your brain rules your life. 

When you see each sentence we've given you, keep in mind that we have left a word out for you to fill in. If you are feeling up for an adventure, you can choose the word you like rather than the one you've heard before. After 35 phrases, we will be armed with enough information about your brain to make the call about the side of your brain that dominates your life. 

Are you right-brained or are you left-brained? Don't be a "fish out of ______." Let's find out! 

If you need to start over, you are going "_______ to square one."

I tried to get into yoga, but it wasn't "my cup of ______."

Leon was tired, so he decided to "______ the sack."

Grandpa is quite the joker. He's always "pulling your ______."

"Once in a ______ moon," Carly is on time for work.

You'll never produce great work by "cutting ______."

Before hitting the stage, you might hear someone tell you to "______ a leg."

During a thunderstorm, you might say that it's "raining _____ (and) ______."

I'm sorry if I offended you. I didn't mean to "______ you the wrong way."

Maria loved the idea, so she "______ on the bandwagon."

Everyone has a co-worker who might not be the "sharpest _______ in the shed."

As the youngest employee, Bob always felt that he got the "short end of the ______."

Sheldon was getting nervous about his paper because it was coming "down to the ______."

Jennifer really loved her car, but it was getting a little "______ in the tooth."

If you have experience, you "know the ______."

Making a cake from a mix is as "_____ as pie."

Although she pretended to be sad, she was crying "______ tears."

Barb loved her new job so much, she was as "______ as a clam."

Jonathan was always quiet; he was a "man of _______ words."

Successful people have learned how to "roll with the ______."

Don't be shy. Go ahead and "break the ____!"

Macy wanted to get started, but she didn't want to "______ the gun."

Carolyn cannot keep secrets. She always "lets the cat out of the ______."

I'm going to "go out on a _____" here and say that you are intelligent.

Alex was visibly angry and "foaming at the ______."

No longer wanting to ignore the problem, Jake decided to address the "______ in the room."

When traveling, it's always "better to be safe than ______."

The business was in trouble. It was "in the ______."

Mary did not want to "______ a scene" at the restaurant, but there was a hair in her dinner.

I didn't mean to open a "can of ______" when I mentioned the problem.

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