Quiz: Rash Reasons: Common Skin Irritants Quiz
Rash Reasons: Common Skin Irritants Quiz
By: Staff
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Itchy, red, inflamed skin? Think you know what's causing that rash? Get out the salve and take this soothing quiz!

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What term is used to describe a variety of skin irritation and inflammatory conditions?
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What is the most common allergen you might encounter while doing your laundry?
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What ingredient in sunscreens may cause allergic reactions in some people?
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What type of plant causes red, itchy blisters that can last for two to three weeks?
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Which of the following is your best protection against bugs and insects?
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True or false: Wearing clothing can cause skin irritation.
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What condition could shaving without enough skin lubrication cause?
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Which of the following might cause skin reactions from cosmetic usage?
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