Quiz: Coby Quiz: Tony Tablets Take a Thrifty Turn
Coby Quiz: Tony Tablets Take a Thrifty Turn
By: Staff
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The tablet craze is just heating up, and happily, prices for some models are going down. But how much do you know about the new Coby tablet lineup of economical tablets?

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Each of Coby's tablets come with a processor sporting which speed?
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What sort of touchscreen did Coby use in two of its three newest tablets?
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The Kyros tablets run which operating system?
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What is the resolution of the Kyros tablet camera?
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Which book formats do the Kyros tablets recognize?
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What is the online marketplace where you can download new apps for your Kyros tablet?
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About how many apps will you find for Android tablets on AppsLib?
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What type of wireless networking do the Kyros tablets feature?
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How much does the 10-inch screen version of the Kyros weigh?
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A Kyros tablet can play HD-quality video to your HD TV using which feature?
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The built-in Aldiko app lets you do what?
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How do you switch the screen orientation on a Kyros tablet from portrait to landscape?
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The Kyros tablet CPU goes by what formal name?
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How much RAM comes integrated into the Kyros tablet?
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Which app is not preinstalled on Coby's tablets?
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Which type of battery power these Kyros models?
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How much internal storage capacity is included in the base Kyros models?
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You can add up to how much memory through the tablets' flash card slot?
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What type of flash cards do the Kyros tablets work with?
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What is the resolution of the screen on the high-end, 10-inch Kyros tablet?
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