Quiz: The Ultimate Coal Stoves Quiz
The Ultimate Coal Stoves Quiz
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With energy costs going up and household incomes going down, many people are looking for cheaper alternatives for heating their homes. Coal stoves are an economical and efficient option. Take this quiz and learn about the benefits of coal stoves for heating your home.

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Which type of coal is the most efficient?
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What state has the most anthracite coal in the United States?
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Why are coal stoves preferable over wood stoves?
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What can leftover coal ash be used for?
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A batch stove requires:
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How should you clean away the ash in your batch coal stove?
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How do you control the temperature in your house with a stoker coal stove?
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What is an advantage of a stoker coal stove over a batch coal stove?
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What is a disadvantage of a stoker coal stove over a batch coal stove?
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When will Americans likely use up their entire coal resource?
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What dangerous emission can be produced from burning coal?
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