Quiz: The Ultimate Co-signing Student Loans Quiz
The Ultimate Co-signing Student Loans Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

With the rising costs of higher education, more and more people are turning to student loans to finance their college educations. Often, however, such loans require students to get co-signers for their loans. What exactly is a cosigner, and why do banks want students to have them? Test your understanding of this topic with this quiz.

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If a student defaults on a loan for which he has a co-signer, who may be subject to legal action?
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What is an added benefit of having a co-signer on a student loan, even if you have good credit?
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What type of student loans do not require co-signers?
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Who will a bank accept as a co-signer for a student loan?
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Other than the liability itself, why else might people be hesitant to co-sign your student loan?
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How long does it take for a negative event to be removed from your credit report?
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