Quiz: The Ultimate Cleaning Windows and Mirrors Quiz
The Ultimate Cleaning Windows and Mirrors Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

It can be very frustrating to finish cleaning your windows or mirrors, only to find that they are already marked with lint and streaks. This is made worse when you think about the money you have spent on special glass cleaners. Take this quiz to learn a few simple tips that will have your windows looking crystal clear and save money.

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What is the problem with the glass cleaning products you buy in the stores?
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To make your own window-cleaning solution, mix _______, rubbing alcohol and dishwashing liquid.
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What sort of cloth should you use to clean windows?
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What sort of sponge can you use to clean a window or mirror?
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What precaution do you need to take when dipping newspaper into window cleaner?
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Which of the following items is another good window cleaner?
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Think of the items you would have kept in your pencil case at school. Which of them could you use to add extra shine to your windows?
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At what point in the window-cleaning process should you use an eraser?
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What sort of weather should you avoid if you want to clean your windows?
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