Quiz: The Ultimate Cleaning Things with Bathroom Stuff Quiz
The Ultimate Cleaning Things with Bathroom Stuff Quiz
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Toothpaste may have more uses than just for cleaning your teeth. Learn about all the household uses for toothpaste and other stuff in the bathroom. Take this quiz to see how polished is your knowledge of ways to clean floors, furniture and glassware.

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What bathroom product is great to remove scuff marks from floors?
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What kind of toothpaste should you use to remove scuff marks from floors?
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What cream works well to remove pet stains from carpet?
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To treat pet stains on carpet, how should you apply the shaving cream?
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Use non-gel toothpaste to remove ___________ from vinyl furniture.
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If the toothpaste does not clean the stained vinyl on the first try, what should you do?
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Cotton swabs may be used to clean ears and what other small spaces?
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How can you cover up tiny glass imperfections?
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What is an easy way to polish the ivory keys on a piano?
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For an emergency upholstery cleaner use:
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Why is wicker popular for beach house décor?
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What may smooth a jagged piece of wicker?
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What may happen to a glass vase used for fresh flowers?
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How can you dissolve away glass stains?
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What may damage glass?
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