Quiz: The Ultimate Cleaning Outdoors for Fall Quiz
The Ultimate Cleaning Outdoors for Fall Quiz
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Though we often think of spring as the time to thoroughly clean our homes, fall is the time to put away that summer gear and start looking for the umbrellas and snow shovels you will soon need. The more you do in the fall to clean and arrange your space, the more pleasant it will be during those cold winter days and nights. To discover five great tips for cleaning for fall, take our quiz.

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Falls from _____ are among the leading causes of work-related injury and death.
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Clogged _____ gutters can cause problems with water on your roof, walls and foundations.
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What equipment will you need for a day of roof gutter cleaning?
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In which part of the gutter should you start your cleaning job?
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When is the best time to clean your roof gutters?
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Use the _____ with pressure attachment to remove remaining silt from your gutters and to check if your downspout is clear.
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What's the best way to reroute water from the roof gutter's downspout away from your foundation?
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What's the main reason to give your kitchen a good scrubbing once in a while?
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What type of cleaner should you use to clean your refrigerator?
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Which refrigerator cleaning job can help you save energy dollars?
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Which common baking ingredient can be used to clean and deodorize your dishwasher?
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What items should you keep in your car during the winter months?
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Carrying extra weight in your car wastes:
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What should you store in your glove compartment?
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What's the first step when organizing your garage or any space that is full of clutter?
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What's the second step when organizing your garage or any space that is full of clutter?
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At what temperature should you wash bedding in order to kill dust mites and bacteria?
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Which common household product is great for cleaning mold and mildew?
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