Quiz: The Ultimate Cleaning Antique Glass Quiz
The Ultimate Cleaning Antique Glass Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Just found the most exquisite antique wine glass in a flea shop? Well, potentially exquisite, seeing that it is covered in decades worth of grime. Take our quiz and gets some pointers on how to clean the delicate glass so that you don't hear the dreaded, and unfortunately familiar, twinkle of breaking glass.

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What is the name of extraterrestrial and naturally occurring glass?
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What temperature should any water that comes in contact with antique glass be?
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When cleaning your antique glass, what should you cover your work surface with?
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What is the ideal way to wash a piece of antique glass?
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What is the most aggressive method for cleaning a very filthy piece of antique glass?
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What kind of polish should you use when polishing antique glass?
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