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Restoring a classic car takes plenty of time, money and elbow grease, and one of the biggest challenges can be finding the parts you need. Take this quiz to find out more about classic cars and how to track down all the pieces required to get them up and running!

Generally, junkyards are only for inexperienced parts shoppers.

No one's going to hold your hand in the junkyard. Sorting gems from junk is up to you. Thus, it's easier to find what you're looking for if you have at least some experience.


Which of the following is the easiest place to find classic car parts?

With searchable databases that allow you to enter the make/model/year of your car and the part you need, you can usually find what you're looking for in top condition, direct from dealers. Just keep in mind that you're also likely to pay top dollar for the convenience.


Which of the following is generally the cheapest place to find classic car parts?

Generally, the more footwork on your part, the lower the cost. And at the junkyard, plan to put in the footwork.


Using a new, off-brand part is a headache-free and cost-effective way to restore a classic car whose parts are tricky to find.

While some classic car enthusiasts consider knock-off parts cheating, the main reason to be wary of off-brand parts is that you have to evaluate their quality with the same skepticism you'd use when buying salvage parts.


Which of the following jobs do most restoration experts suggest you leave to a professional?

There are some things that require both specialized equipment and expertise, and painting is one of them. Leave it to a pro.


A "classic" car is how old?

The Classic Car Club of America defines "classic" as between 20 and 40 years old.


In cars originally manufactured before 1959, which nonauthentic retrofit is required?

While they were invented in the late 19th century, seatbelts didn't become standard on American autos until Congress mandated their use in 1959.


Which of the following specialty tools can help you evaluate the quality of junkyard parts?

Rather than lugging heavy metal parts back to a shop, a variety of portable hardness testers allow you to evaluate metal quality quickly and easily while walking around a junkyard.


Rust is a sure sign of a worthless piece.

An acid treatment can leave a rusty piece looking new. However, it may never be as strong as it once was.


Which of the following is NOT usually considered a top classic car?

In fact, the Gremlin makes most lists of the worst cars ever built. Happy hunting!


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