Quiz: Clash of the Titans: Battle of Midway
Clash of the Titans: Battle of Midway
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Wiki commons

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At Pearl Harbor, America suffered a terrible blow and sent sailors itching for revenge...and they soon had their chance. How much do you know about the Battle of Midway?

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How long did the Battle of Midway last?
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What was the morale of the American Navy before the battle began?
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The Midway atoll is a part of which Pacific Ocean island chain?
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The Battle of Midway took place how long after the attack on Pearl Harbor?
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What is the distance from Midway atoll to the American base at Pearl Harbor?
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How many carriers did the Japanese deploy for the Battle of Midway?
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What degree of surprise did the Japanese achieve with their initial attack?
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How did Japanese commanders prefer to send out their attack aircraft during Pacific battles?
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Why did U.S. Vice Admiral William Halsey miss the battle?
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Which admiral was in command of the American fleet during the battle?
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Which side won the battle?
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After the battle, what did the Americans do with dozens of captured Japanese service members?
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What is Midway, anyway?
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How many American sailors were captured during the battle?
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Which of the following was NOT one of the Japanese carriers present at the battle?
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What role did the carrier USS Saratoga play during the battle?
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The Japanese lost what percentage of its veteran carrier air crews during the battle?
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Who was the commander of the Japanese fleet?
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The first Japanese air attack rendered Midway's airstrips useless to the Americans.
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As the Japanese navy withdrew, how did the Americans respond?
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After the battle, when wounded Japanese sailors arrived in Japan, what did the government do with them?
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How many of the Japanese carriers have been located at their final resting spots in the sea?
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After being damaged by American bombs, the Japanese carrier Hiryu was evacuated. What happened to the admiral who was on board the ship?
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During the battle, 15 Devastator bombers launched from the USS Hornet. What happened to them?
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Of the 41 Devastator torpedo bombers launched during Midway, how many survived to return to their carriers?
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How many men did America lose in the battle?
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How many Japanese service members were killed at Midway?
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How did U.S. aviator Richard Fleming posthumously earn the Medal of Honor during Midway?
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