Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: CIA Scandals Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: CIA Scandals Quiz
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This shadowy group conducts many missions around the world, and some of those operations leave the U.S. with a bruised reputation. How much do you know about CIA scandals?

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Which American president authorized the CIA's Operation CHAOS, which spied on anti-war citizens?
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In 1953, the CIA's Operation Ajax was ultimately all about what?
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How did the CIA use force to push Iranian leaders out of power during the 1953 coup?
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PBSUCCESS was a CIA-led coup against the leader of which country?
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How did other Latin American counties perceive the Guatemalan coup?
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How was the quality of life in Guatemala affected by the coup?
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What was the name of the CIA project meant to refine and perfect interrogation and torture techniques?
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In what year were documents regarding Project MKUltra finally made public, creating massive outcry?
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What was the name of the operation that sneaked Nazi scientists into the U.S. after WWII?
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The 1961 CIA-backed Bay of Pigs invasion was designed to overthrow which world leader?
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What did President Kennedy say about the failed Bay of Pigs invasion?
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What happened to the CIA's records of Project MKUltra?
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Lt. Colonel Oliver North was fired for funneling funds to rebels in which county?
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What role did the CIA play in the Iran-Contra Affair?
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How did an Israeli adviser named Amiram Nir die during the Iran-Contra Affair?
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The CIA had a role in the Watergate scandal.
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How did CIA agents influence journalists during Operation Mockingbird?
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When a book was written to reveal secrets about Operation Mockingbird, how did the CIA plan to stop it?
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1975's Church Committee was formed to investigate which CIA wrongdoing?
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In which country did the CIA's so-called "Secret War" take place?
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The CIA may have been complicit in smuggling what product during the Secret War in Laos?
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In 1996, a journalist reported that the CIA allowed what to happen in South Los Angeles?
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What happened to the journalist who wrote about the CIA's role in cocaine sales in poor Los Angeles neighborhoods?
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In the early 1990s, the CIA supported a criminal gang in which country in order topple a democratically-elected leader?
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What did the CIA do when Saddam Hussein began planning chemical attacks during the Iran-Iraq War?
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To what issue did the CIA's "Family Jewels" report pertain?
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The "Family Jewels" reports also showed that the CIA recruited mafia members to kill which world leader?
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How many people died at the hands of CIA-backed government forces in El Salvador in the 1980s?
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What disease did the CIA intentionally introduce into Cuba in an effort to destabilize the country?
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