Quiz: The Ultimate Chronic Sinus Congestion Quiz
The Ultimate Chronic Sinus Congestion Quiz
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Chronic sinus congestion can be caused by allergens or by a structural problem in the face which leads to a build up of secretions in the nasal sinuses. This condition causes much discomfort and may affect your ability to perform your daily activities. But there are ways to manage and even cure chronic sinus congestion. To see how much you know about chronic sinus congestion, have a go at this quiz.

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What time of year is chronic sinus congestion usually worst?
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Which of the following foods can be a trigger for chronic sinus congestion?
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What helps to thin the secretions from chronic sinus congestion?
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How does exercise help with chronic sinus congestion?
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Which of the following can be shown to directly worsen chronic sinus congestion?
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Which of the following methods may relieve sinus pain?
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Which gland may become overworked when the body is battling allergies?
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Which herbal substance is used in the treatment of chronic sinus congestion?
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Which treatment option is often used for structural problems causing chronic sinus congestion?
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How long would a patient normally suffer from chronic sinus congestion before a doctor administers antibiotics?
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