Quiz: The Ultimate Chronic GI Problems Quiz
The Ultimate Chronic GI Problems Quiz
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Chronic gastrointestinal problems affect millions of people each year. These conditions can cause symptoms months or even years before help is sought and a correct diagnosis is found. Take this quiz and learn about binge-eating disorder, Prader-Willi syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut syndrome.

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What percentage of Americans have binge-eating disorder?
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What area of the brain controls hunger?
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Binge-eating disorder can damage your:
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What is the cause of irritable bowel syndrome?
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What aggravates irritable bowel syndrome?
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Poor digestion of ____________ can lead to irritable bowel syndrome.
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How quickly will irritable bowel syndrome symptoms dissipate after foods that cannot be tolerated are removed from your diet?
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What food(s) should be avoided if you have irritable bowel syndrome?
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What supplement(s) should you consider taking if you have irritable bowel syndrome?
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Besides food, what else can aggravate irritable bowel syndrome?
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What parts of the body are affected by leaky gut syndrome?
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The immune systems response in someone with leaky gut syndrome is similar to:
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Which of the following medications may cause leaky gut syndrome?
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What should you avoid consuming if you have leaky gut syndrome?
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What food should you eat if you have leaky gut syndrome?
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