Quiz: Light 'Em Up for the Holidays: Illuminate us with your knowledge of Christmas lights!
Light 'Em Up for the Holidays: Illuminate us with your knowledge of Christmas lights!
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Most everyone looks forward to seeing the colorful sparkle of Christmas lights at the end of every year. But how much do you really know about these seasonal displays? Find out by taking this quiz.

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True or false: President Abraham Lincoln started the tradition of the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.
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Who invented electric Christmas lights?
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Before electric Christmas lights, how did people illuminate their Christmas trees?
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Which type of light bulb is cheapest to use for decorating?
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What company was the first to offer electric Christmas lights to the public?
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True or false: The bigger the light bulb, the less power it uses.
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Which U.S. president was the first to adorn the White House Christmas tree with electric bulbs?
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A Christmas light contest is typically held between ___.
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Before the advent of Christmas lights, how long did families display their Christmas trees?
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In 1900, about how much did a single strand of Christmas lights cost (in 2017 dollars)?
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Old-fashioned bubble lights feature a glass stem filled with a liquid that bubbles when heated. What is the liquid?
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Many Christmas lights are wired in a "series," so if one bulb does out, what happens?
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The first Christmas lights used which technology?
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If your Christmas lights stop working, what's the first thing you should do?
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The tradition of lighting a yule log was a forerunner to Christmas lights. Why did people fire up the yule log?
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In 1894, the White House tree featured electric bulbs for the first time. Why didn't most Americans follow suit at home?
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In long strings of Christmas lights, why do the bulbs sometimes go out in sections?
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In 1963, the "Black Christmas" occurred in North Carolina. What happened?
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On average, about how long do incandescent Christmas light strands last?
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Edward Hibberd Johnson unveiled the very first Christmas lights in 1882. The lights were red, white and ____.
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Many boxes of mini Christmas lights come with a single red-tipped bulb. What's the purpose of that bulb?
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How does the red-tipped mini bulb make your Christmas lights blink?
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What's one major advantage of using LED Christmas lights over old-school incandescent lights?
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Americans buy about _____ strands of lights each year.
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In 1903, General Electric sold strands of lights for $12, which was far too expensive for most Americans. So what did some families do?
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In America, during December, what percentage of electricity goes to power Christmas lights?
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Edward Hibberd Johnson put the very first Christmas lights on an evergreen tree. What else was notable about the tree?
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Which of the following Christmas light bulbs is the LARGEST?
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