Quiz: Christmas Celebrations Around the World
Christmas Celebrations Around the World
By: Bambi Turner
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While Americans may find it hard to imagine a Christmas without Santa Claus, sugar cookies and plenty of pretty packages, the traditions of the holiday can vary dramatically depending on where you are in the world. Across the globe, people have their own special meals, celebrations and gift-giving legends that help to define the holiday for different cultures. Take our quiz to see how much you know about Christmas celebrations around the world!

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What country is plagued by mischievous goblins in the days leading up to Christmas?
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What date are holiday gifts exchanged in Greece?
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What country refers to Christmas as Il Natale?
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What date do decorations generally go up in Italy?
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What is the 12th day of Christmas called?
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What is the most popular dish to eat on Christmas in Japan?
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Christmas lights go up in September in the Philippines.
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When is St. Lucia day?
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Which family member acts as St. Lucia?
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What does the word Yule translate to in the Norse language?
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Where did the first Christmas trees come from?
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Which country gave the poinsettia its Christmas connection?
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Where did the Christmas card originate?
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Plum pudding has plums in it.
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Where do people celebrate simbang gabi?
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What do Swedes use instead of a Yule log?
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What country hosts a Declaration of Christmas Peace every December 24 at noon?
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What do the French do during Reveillon?
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How many desserts do you need to host a traditional Christmas meal in Provence?
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Where can you celebrate Las Parrandas?
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What does Ded Moroz translate to?
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What is a traditional decoration on Ukrainian Christmas trees?
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Where do people celebrate Jonkunnu?
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What day do children in Holland receive holiday gifts?
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How many gift-givers hand out presents in Iceland?
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What date do Russian children receive their holiday gifts?
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In what country does Befana deliver gifts to children?
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What do people in Norway hide in their homes in Christmas Eve?
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What country celebrates Three Kings Day on January 6th?
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What is el Gordo -- another Spanish Christmas tradition?
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