Choose Your Favorite Disney Characters and We'll Give You An American State To Move To!

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Disney characters tend to go through an awful lot. They face down shape-sifting sorcerer-genie-sultans. They are terrorized by enormous dragons. They go to sleep for a hundred years and wake up to a world that mysteriously hasn't changed at all. They constantly face the threat that remarkably well-qualified singing mice and squirrels may take their jobs and do them for (literally) a song. 

Angry gods, vengeful queens, and domineering fathers abound in their lives. Indeed, those of them who are female must live in perpetual fear that childbirth will be the end of them, given the terrifying prevalence of orphans or children whose mothers are simply gone from this world without an explanation or ever a comment on what they were really like. They have waists that are often the same size as their own heads! Yep, Disney characters have it rough.

One place they do have a huge advantage over us, though - other than the fact that they can get in really quite violent situations and emerge with barely a scratch - is that they live in totally awesome places. They enjoy weather and scenery that would heal the most damaged soul. 

Indeed, as studies show, your surroundings really do affect your physical and mental health, and that's why Disney characters are so resilient - and also why we should probably use their surroundings to inspire us in finding the most suitable homes for ourselves. 

So let's find out about your favorite characters, and we'll figure out where you belong in the real world!

Who is the best character in "Lady and the Tramp?"

Is King Triton actually being pretty reasonable?

Which of Elsa and Anna do you relate to more?

Which animal sidekick is most useful?

In "The Fox and the Hound," would you prefer to end up like Todd the fox or Copper the hound?

Is Merida actually being unreasonable?

Which Disney princess is the most badass?

If you were Belle's father, would you bless her marriage to the Beast?

How curious are you about how Ursula got like that?

Is Mad Madam Mim really all that evil?

Which of the three hyenas should Scar actually use in his plan?

Do you think Esmeralda and Phoebus are going to make it?

Do you sort of wish An American Tail had been about Fievel's sister instead?

Who do you want to hug the most?

Who would you most like to have to dinner?

Which is the best dwarf?

If you had Rapunzel's hair, what would you do first?

Would you rather be able to cook like Tiana, or jump off waterfalls without a scratch like Pocahontas?

Of all the skills Li Shang teaches Mulan, which do you admire most?

Which of the Round-Up gang in "Toy Story" is the smartest?

Who is the most terrifying Disney villain?

Which hero has the best song?

Can you get through Bambi without crying?

Who is the best of Robin Hood's companions?

Which character is the most helpful to Hercules?

Which Disney princess has the best ballgown?

Which animal in "The Jungle Book" is the most fun?

Which anthropomorphized character is the most fun?

Which character do you think really needs to just not exist?

When did you know Prince Hans was evil?

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