Choose Your Favorite ’80s Things and We'll Give You an ’80s Theme Song

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Did people in the '80s love the '80s as much as people right now do? Probably not. Makes you wonder if people in 30 years will love our time way more than we did and will have retro Netflix parties with authentic La Croix and Airpods. But that's a question for another day and we're not looking to the future, we're looking to the past. The 1980s were chock full of some of the coolest toys, movies, food and music.  Sugary cereal as far as the eye could see, some exceptionally stylish socks, the best cartoons in all of history and bands that have endured for decades. What's not to like? 

If you have a passion for the '80s, we know you have a bucket list of '80s stuff you'd just love to experience again. If you're lucky, some of it never even went away. Whatever the case, tell us about what you loved in the '80s and we'll do you a solid by giving you your very own 1980s theme song, something any fan of the '80s truly needs to have but probably has trouble deciding on. There are too many choices! Take a trip to the '80s in this quiz and let's do it.

You had a decade's worth of breakfasts in the '80s. What cereal was going to be the one for you?

TV was in a golden age in the '80s. What cop show was the best?

If you had to pick one actor to be an icon of the '80s, who would it be?

Which actress represents the '80s in your mind better than anyone else?

Which of these '80s movies do you feel stood the test of time better than the rest?

If you had a thirst in the '80s, how were you going to quench it?

Medical dramas have been around forever, but they really hit their stride in the '80s. What was the best?

Sci-fi has been big since the '50s, but they really put some effort in during the '80s. Which sci-fi show had you tuning in every week?

There's a definite look to the '80s. What trend did that decade nail?

A lot of things invented in the '80s are still around today and some vanished before the decade ended. What was your favorite one?

The '80s was an age of heroes! Who was clearly the best?

If you're listening to music from the '80s, you may as well be doing dances from the '80s. Pick your moves.

Name the best '80s cartoon that someone turned into a movie later on.

The family sitcom was an '80s staple. What family would you have liked to have been a part of?

The '80s aren't especially known for the cars that came from that time but there were a few good ones. Pick one!

Date night in the '80s probably meant an appropriate date movie. Pick one!

Horror in the '80s was on point. What's the best horror franchise born in that decade?

Stand up comedy really became widespread in the '80s. What comedian was the best?

Hairstyles in the '80s were their own unique thing. Which hairstyle made the biggest impact?

John Hughes directed some of the most iconic movies of the '80s. Which of his films was the best?

Snack time! How are you going to satisfy your hunger, '80s style?

You could make a strong argument that Madonna was the biggest singer of the decade. What was her best '80s track?

Remakes are big business, and there have already been plenty of them done. Which '80s movie was perfect and doesn't need a remake?

Gaming is huge business today and it owes everything to the '80s. What classic '80s game is still fun to play?

If you had a sweet tooth in the '80s, there was plenty of candy to help you out. Pick your favorite.

Regardless of what game you wanted to play in the '80s, what was the best way to play it?

If you were a kid in the '80s, there was plenty to do in the mall. Pick the best mall store!

Everything is streamed nowadays but how did you consume your music in the '80s?

Toys were huge in the '80s. What was the most fun to play with?

Not all the slang of the '80s has lived on. Pick your favorite word!

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