Choose Some Southern Food and We'll Tell You Which Southern City You Are!

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About This Quiz

Step up to our southern food buffet and load up your plate! Don't be shy; food is a way of life in the American south. After you've packed yourself full of those comforting southern foods like okra, cornbread, and grits, you'll want to come back for seconds. You'll also let us know which southern city you are most like. 

In the same way that food varies widely from region to region, each southern city has their specialty. From Memphis style barbecue to North Carolina collard greens, the way things are prepared varies from city to city. Seeing your tastes in southern food will help us pick up on subtle clues about the city both your palate and your soul have the most in common with. 

During this quiz, we advise wearing a bib like you would wear to a Louisiana crawfish boil. If you love southern food as much as we do, our questions might make you salivate a little. With items like fried green tomatoes and deviled eggs on our menu, you might even find yourself calling for take out. 

Put some southern food in your mouth, and find out which of America's great southern cities you are at heart!

Which condiment do you like most?

Which southern dessert is tastiest?

How do you like okra prepared?

Do you prefer dill pickles or sweet pickles?

Have you ever been to a hog roast?

Do you prefer ribs or hot wings?

Can you make buttermilk biscuits?

What would you prefer to dress your grits with?

Do you just love red velvet cake?

How would you prefer to drink bourbon?

Do you like hot chicken?

Which kind of pot pie do you find most comforting?

How do you prefer your catfish be cooked?

What would you add to mac and cheese?

Which southern drink could you drink all day?

How do you feel about red beans and rice?

What's your favorite ingredient in Jambalaya?

Do you prefer hot tea, unsweetened tea, or sweet tea?

What would you spread on biscuits?

What is your favorite way to eat a sweet potato?

Do you like corn pudding or bread pudding more?

What kind of lemonade do you like most?

Which southern fast food restaurant do you like most?

How would you order your hashbrowns at Waffle House?

Do you like livermush?

Do you like Texas toast or biscuits more?

Which southern food would you like to master cooking?

How do you feel about pimento cheese?

How many fried green tomatoes could you eat in one sitting?

Should baked beans have ham or bacon in them?

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