Choose From These Vintage Toys and We’ll Guess How Old You Are

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Do you know when the first dolls were manufactured? About forever ago plus a week or two. There is evidence of dolls dating back to the 21st century BC, which is so long ago as to be almost unfathomable to most of us. And you know there were probably all kinds of things kids were playing with even before that. 

Kids have a way of turning almost anything into a toy, after all. It's like cats with boxes; all you need is a little imagination. With such a long history of toys, and more toys than ever still being cranked out in new and fun ways every day, you could probably get 1,000 people in a room to offer 1,000 different answers about which one is their all-time favorite.

In the grand scheme of things, it tends to be the toys you enjoyed most as a kid that stand out for you, even years later, those vintage toys from back in the day that hold all kinds of fun memories, and also tell other people a bit about who you are. In fact, if you pick over a list of vintage toys for us, we'll even be able to tell how old you are. Take the quiz and see!

Don't call it a doll; it's an action figure! What action figure was the best of the best?

What toy did you love as a kid that seems like it's too dangerous for kids today?

Don't call it an action figure, it's a doll! Which doll was the coolest?

What's the first video game you remember playing?

Everyone has a stuffed bear at some point in time, right? What did you have?

Which of these board games is clearly the best one?

Which is your favorite robot from the bunch?

If you can't have a real dog, a toy dog will have to do. Which toy pooch is your choice?

A toy with power will grab any kid's attention. Which of these toys will you choose?

The best way to sell a kid a toy is to cross-promote with some TV shows! What toy/show combo was best?

You know a movie means serious business if they release some toys before it comes out. What movie had the coolest toys?

Kids like lights, at least as far as toy-makers are concerned. What light up toy was best?

Sometimes the coolest toy is just a tiny version of something else. What little toy will you choose?

Toys that get you moving are always fun. Which one was the best one?

Toys that get you wet are never bad, right? Pick your favorite!

What kind of car-based toys are the best of the best?

Which of these beastly toys seems like it's the coolest?

Fad toys never go out of style! Er, wait ... anyway, what's the best fad?

What's the most fun party game of all?

Some toys are a little grosser than others. Did you have a gross favorite?

What cartoon character had a plush version you needed to have?

Go-Bots or Transformers?

He-Man or She-Ra?

What's the single greatest Mario game of all time?

If there's one thing kids love to play with, it's goopy weirdness. What was your favorite kind?

Any toy is OK on its own and yet infinitely better when you have a giant playset! Which one would you pick?

Which of these is the greatest "Star Wars" action figure of all times?

There were some zany toys around back in the 1950s. Which one would you have chosen to play with?

If you can believe it, kids actually had toys in the 1940s. Which one of these sounds like the most fun?

If your DeLorean ever takes you back in time about 100 years, you can play with one of these toys. But you have to pick one! Which is it?

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