Choose an Outfit and We'll Tell You Which Classic Literary Work You Belong In

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Clothes are one of the best ways to show off your personality. Even if you want to dress outside of your personality and really shake things up, that's what clothes are for. They're transformative, they can take you from drab to fab, from yourself into a totally different character. An entire outfit can be hard to plan and put together if you don't feel like you have the eye for it, but personalizing your outfits to fit your own style is a fun experiment. Some people draw inspiration for their outfits from modern media, social media and the like, but others turn to classic looks like those found in your favorite books.

Classic literature is known for so many things, and some of them are especially known for the fashions. Period novels and futuristic novels alike all feature clothes that were once loved, still loved, and will be loved for a long time. Whether or not you consciously take inspiration from these things, other outlets do, and you probably get some ideas from there. Almost everything can be traced back to one form of literature of another. Want us to tell you which classic literary work you belong in? Take this quiz to pick your favorite outfits and we will!

What kind of outfit would you wear for your best friend's birthday party?

Let's say it's the first day of school. What are you wearing?

Would you dress up if you were spending the day with your family?

How would you dress for a concert?

Sunday dinners can be a big part of family traditions. What do you typically wear?

Which iconic celebrity outfit would you wear?

If you were just running errands on a weekend day, what would you wear?

Which kind of cowboy boots would you wear to a country music concert?

There's some occasions that just call for wearing a dress. Which style of dress do you prefer?

It might not be sweater weather all year round, but if it were, what is your sweater of choice?

Jeans don't have to be uncomfortable. Which jean is a staple part of your wardrobe?

You know what completes an outfit? Jewelry. What kind of jewelry makes you feel the most put together?

Shoes can also do the trick when you're looking to complete an outfit. Can you pick just one pair of shoes to wear almost everyday?

Which outfit makes you feel the most like yourself?

For a trip to the farmer's market, how will you dress?

You just got invited to a spring wedding. What are you wearing?

Everybody's working for the weekend. What is your standard weekend attire?

What does your typical work outfit look like?

You're helping your friend move this weekend, which can be a very physical task. What outfit are you most likely wearing?

It's your favorite holiday! Are you wearing a special outfit?

What would you dress up as for Halloween?

Who would you dress up as if you were going to a Harry Potter themed party?

Everyone deserves to treat themselves every once in a while. What glamorous outfit item are you splurging on?

What top is the best to pair with cutoff denim shorts?

If you had to, what outfit would you want to borrow from your one of your parents?

Styles always come back around, and the '90s are back on trend. What '90s style outfit element would you wear today?

What do you change into as soon as you get home from work?

Which outfit from the choices below would you want to wear on a tropical vacation?

Would you wear a hat to complete an outfit?

How many outfits do you think you could put together based on what's in your current wardrobe?

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