Quiz: The Ultimate Chimney Cracks Repair Quiz
The Ultimate Chimney Cracks Repair Quiz
By: Staff
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Masonry and stone chimneys are a common fixture in most homes. Do you know that it is important to inspect chimneys regularly and to repair problems promptly? Give your chimney knowledge a checkup by taking this quiz.

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At what age should you expect that a well-constructed chimney would start to experience problems with its mortar joints?
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What is the cause of cracks and flaking of chimney mortar?
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What is another common enemy of brick and stone chimneys?
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What puts chimneys installed in historic homes in greater risk of problems?
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What is metal or lead sheeting installed around all chimneys called?
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If you detect what appears to be serious damage to a chimney, should you proceed with your own repair?
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What is a step you can take to protect your chimney before it has any damage?
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If you are removing old mortar from between your bricks or stones, how deep should you chisel into the old mortar?
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What consistency are you aiming for when you mix mortar for your repair?
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