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Chucky is a psychotic doll that's desperate for a new chance at life. How much do you know about the "Child's Play" movie franchise?

As of 2016, how many "Child's Play" movies are there in the franchise?

There are six movies in the series and a seventh is planned for 2017.


In the movies, the spirit of a serial killer possesses a doll. What's the killer's nickname in the media?

He's the Lakeshore Strangler, whose real name is Charles Lee Ray, or Chucky.


Which role did Don Mancini play in the making of the movies?

Mancini created the story idea and had a hand in writing all of the movies.


How many of the movies has Don Mancini directed?

Mancini didn't try directing until later in the series. He did direct the last two movies and will direct the 2017 film, too.


What is Chucky's goal as he goes on various killing sprees?

The spirit trapped in the doll attempts to transfer his soul from the doll to a human body, but he never quite succeeds.


In what year was the first "Child's Play" movie released?

In 1988, "Child's Play" joined a resurgence of horror slasher films like "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Friday the 13th."


Charles Lee Ray is obsessed with which subject?

His obsession with voodoo is how he winds up trapped inside the doll; he uses the doll as a way to escape death after he's shot by police.


What brand of doll does Charles Lee Ray transfer his soul to?

The Good Guy Dolls tagline is "He wants YOU for a best friend."


What doll craze inspired "Child's Play"?

The Cabbage Patch doll craze of the 80s helped to drive the storyline and also connected the film to its audiences.


Which Hollywood studio created the first "Child's Play" film?

MGM/UA financed the first film and then almost immediately sold the franchise to Universal Studios.


Where was the first movie filmed?

The Chicago skyline plays a prominent role in the film's eerie scenes.


Who provides the voice for Chucky?

Dourif, who might be best known as Grima Wormtongue in "The Lord of the Rings," is Chucky's voice actor.


The longer Charles Lee Ray is stuck inside the doll's body is the more likely this will happen:

Ray has to find a way to transfer his soul to a human before the doll itself becomes human, and therefore, a permanent trap of sorts.


How does Chucky die at the end of the first movie?

He takes all manner of abuse, but it’s a gunshot to the heart that finally puts him down … but not for long.


What responsibility has David Kirschner had in all six movies?

In addition to producing all six movies, Kirschner is a talented artist who has worked with "Sesame Street" and "The Muppets."


Where was "Seed of Chucky" filmed?

Almost all of the movie was filmed on sets in Romania.


Between the second and third films, how much time has passed, according to the story's timeline?

Only one real-world year passed between the release of the movies, but in the story, eight years have gone by.


How many "Child's Play" movies were released in the 1990s?

Three movies (1990, 1991 and 1998) were released in the 1990s.


Why were protesters upset about the content of the first film?

Some protesters showed up on the streets outside MGM's studios, worried about the movie's influence on children.


Which actress does the voice work for Chucky's bride?

Jennifer Tilly has been in numerous major productions and is also known for being a killer poker player.


What is the name of Chucky's bride?

Tiffany becomes the bride of Chucky and goes on a murderous rampage of her own.


How does Chucky die at the end of the second film?

Andy and Kyle jam an air hose into the doll's body, causing it to expand and then explode.


What line is NOT one of Chucky's catchphrases?

He didn't want to be kissed, but he absolutely adored playtime and hugs … and bloody murder.


How does Chucky die at the end of the third movie?

Andy wards off Chucky's attacks and drops him into a giant fan, which then chops his body into countless pieces.


What is the name of Chucky and Tiffany's son?

Poor Glen is a kind and generous person, but one with a tortured history.


In what year was "Curse of Chucky" released?

This one wasn't released to theaters; in 2013 it went straight to DVD and video-on-demand, where it made a tidy profit.


In how many of the movies does the character named Alice appear?

Alice appears in all of the first five movies but didn't make it into the sixth.


How did "Curse of Chucky" change the tone of the franchise?

After years of using asinine humor for cheap laughs, "Curse of Chucky" went for scares, with terrifying scenes galore.


Why did "Child's Play 3" cause a stir in the United Kingdom?

Media stories speculated that the film played a role in two real-life murders, but the police ultimately said that the movie wasn't really tied to the killings.


How does Chucky die at the end of "Curse of Chucky?"

Andy anticipates Chucky's attack and shoots him in the head, but as always, Chucky will be back for more.


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