Check Off How Many of These Things You've Done with Your BFF and We'll Guess How Long You've Been Friends

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A best friend is more valuable than any money or treasure could ever be. They will be there for you through thick and thin. They will withhold their judgment when you're really not in a place to be judged, but they'll also give you a swift kick in the seat of your pants when you really need one. They will love and support you when others in your life make their affection contingent on you behaving a certain way or biting your tongue when you should speak up. They won't care if you make lots of money or live in the "right" neighborhood," because that's not what brought you together. Truly, a best friend is something that everyone deserves to have.

Going through life with your bestie is orders of magnitude easier than going through it alone. That's why it's so important to treasure the memories, from the screw-ups to the breakups to the straight-up ups (and the downs). Those are the fire that tempers the metal of your relationship and makes it strong, flexible, and capable of lasting a lifetime, no matter whether it began decades ago or just a couple of years. Tell us about your BFF, and we'll see when you first fell in friendly love!

Have you ever seen them use the bathroom?

Have you gotten drunk together?

Have you ever gone over to their place without being invited?

Have you gone traveling together with your families?

Have you traveled together as just a duo?

Have you seen them through a breakup?

Have you ever bought them a toy?

Have you ever had a friendship breakup and then gotten back together?

Have you loaned them money?

Have you cooked for them?

Have you let them copy off your homework?

Have you helped them study for an exam?

Have you thrown a party for them?

Have you lived together?

Have you commuted together?

Have you both had a crush on the same person?

Have you gone to the theater together?

Have you taken a joint selfie with a famous person?

Which was the first social platform on which you contacted them?

Have you named them a godparent?

Have you met at the water cooler?

Have you seen them through being fired?

Have you ever taken a totally non-academic course together?

For what reason have you come over at 3 a.m.?

Have you looked after their kids?

Have you told them they had someone else's puke on them?

Have you helped them pick out a work outfit?

Have you spoken at their wedding?

Did you attend each other's bachelor parties?

What is the first funeral you ever went to, just to support them?

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