Check off All the Apps You Have on Your Phone and We'll Guess How Old You Are!

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About This Quiz

Everyone who has a smartphone has had to download various applications for it to be of use to us. In a world where technological advances are ever increasing, apps have been used to make almost every aspect of life easier. 

Every year more apps are being created, and improvements on older ones are also being made. There are apps for dating, apps for listening to music, apps for finding your way around, gaming apps, and apps for ordering and delivering food straight to your front door. While it has its benefits, it also has its negatives and many of us have become lazy as a result of it.

The apps on someone's phone says a lot about the person, and whether we like to admit it or not, it can also allude to the person's age. Younger people typically use apps like Snapchat, Fortnight, and Vine, while some like Facebook, Lumosity, Skype, and Goodreads are said to be used by those who have been on this planet a little longer than most. 

What will the apps on your phone say about you? Will this quiz be able to correctly guess your age based on the apps that you have on your phone? If you would like to find out, then you should take this quiz!

Which app do you use most to communicate with others?

The best app for instant messaging is?

Which of these social media apps would you post your pictures/videos on?

Which of these apps would you use to get around?

Which of these apps would you use to share your location?

Which of these apps lets you know about the weather?

Which of these news apps would you download?

Which of these sports apps do you trust most?

Which of these websites would you trust reviews from?

Which of these apps do you use to keep with pop culture?

Which of these apps would you post a blog on?

Which app do you use to read books?

Which of these apps would you try a recipe from?

Which of these apps would you use to order food?

Which app do you use to browse the web?

Which of these apps do you get fashion inspiration from?

Which of these apps do you go shopping for clothing on?

Which app keeps you in shape?

What is the best app to search for a house or apartment rental?

Which of these apps would you use to find a job?

What app do you use to protect your phone from being hacked?

Which of these expensive apps would you buy?

Which of these apps makes you laugh most?

Which of these gaming apps would you play?

Everyone has at least five gaming apps, pick another one that you would play.

What app would you use to watch videos on?

Which of these apps do you watch your shows on?

Which of these would you download for streaming music?

Which of these dating apps have you used?

If that dating app fails, you would download ________ to replace it.

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