Quiz: Chasing the Triple Crown: Great horses and racing history quiz
Chasing the Triple Crown: Great horses and racing history quiz
By: Maria Trimarchi
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Did you know that Kelso was awarded "Horse of the Year" 5 years in a row? Or that Edgar Prado was Barbaro's jockey on the day he broke his ankle at Preakness? Gallup through our quiz to test your horse-racing IQ.

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Which female racehorse was the first filly to appear in "Vogue"?
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Which breed is not typically considered for racing?
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Which impressively-pedigreed two-year-old colt sold for $16 million but failed to win a race?
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What is the name of the official breed registry for American Thoroughbreds?
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Which horse retired 13-for-13, the first in over 80 years to end her career undefeated by any track?
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Which race isn't part of the Triple Crown?
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Which horse won the first Kentucky Derby, on May 17, 1875?
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Of these Kentucky Derby winners, which is the only to be disqualified for illegal drug use?
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What is a horse who hasn't yet won a race called?
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Which is considered the oldest racetrack in North America?
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What phrase is used to describe horse racing?
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What was the name of the horse that defeated Man o' War in the Sanford Memorial at Saratoga Race Course, ending his flawless record?
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It's rumored which horse suffered from nightmares following his defeat at the Saratoga Race Course?
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Which horse has not won the Triple Crown?
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Bloodline is an important part of horseracing. About how much does a horse's great-great-great grandfather influence his DNA?
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It's estimated that genes are responsible for how much of a horse's performance?
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Which horse was the first millionaire of Thoroughbred racing?
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How long is the measurement, a "horse length"?
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By how many horse lengths would a horse racing in 2012 beat a horse racing in 1997?
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Where is The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame located?
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What does the "purse" refer to in horse racing?
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How many furlongs are run during the Kentucky Derby?
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What is the fastest recorded speed of a racehorse over two furlongs?
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Which racehorse holds the record for being the fastest over two furlongs?
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Which horse is the only winner to run the Kentucky Derby in less than 2 minutes?
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Which horse was the first to win the "Grand Slam," winning both the Triple Crown and the Breeders' Cup Classic in 2015?
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Which Triple Crown winner and Horse of the Year was owned by the Hertz family (yup, the same family who owned the rental car business)?
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Which horse is considered one of the most influential Thoroughbred broodmares of the 20th century?
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Which stubby-legged champion Thoroughbred became the subject of a best-selling non-fiction book and blockbuster movie?
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Which horse refused to leave the starting gate when racing at Finger Lakes (New York) in 1998?
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Rochester Red Wings center fielder Jose Herrera faced which racehorse in a 40-yard dash back in 2000?
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Which filly's name means "beautiful girl"?
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All the horses competing for the Triple Crown are what age?
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