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You will not want to miss spending some time in one of the Old South’s most popular historic cities. Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and is rich in Civil War era architecture as well as Southern hospitality. Charleston is also a center for shopping, world-class entertainment and spots meant for pure relaxation. Take our quiz to learn more about historic Charleston.

In what year was Charleston, South Carolina, founded?

Charleston was founded in 1670 and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It is located in the heart of what is called the South Carolina Low Country, consisting of coastal lands that include marshes and barrier islands.


What is one of the most notable things people say about Charleston?

You'll know you're in a unique place from the minute you arrive on what is affectionately called The Peninsula. Residents take great pride in their heritage and offer a friendly smile accompanied with a big hello to almost every passerby.


What did King Charles II of England first name the port city of Charleston?

King Charles first named the city Charles Towne in his own honor. The city was important in the early development of the United States and while Charleston's historical importance has diminished over the centuries, its beauty has not faded at all.


What had you better be aware of when you head for Charleston to spend some quality time?

Charleston is not ever in a hurry, as evidenced by the slow southern drawl of its residents and its laidback atmosphere. Residents hold fast to tradition and anyone who tries to rush another is considered impolite.


Many historic homes are located in Charleston that survived the city's only earthquake, which occurred in what year?

Through wars, hurricanes, and an earthquake that occurred in 1886, people are amazed how much of the unique architecture has been preserved. There is a lot of history in Charleston, including authentic cobblestone streets in some of the neighborhoods.


What is the name of a famous fortified seawall that overlooks the harbor and the Island of Fort Sumter?

The tip of the peninsula is fortified with a seawall called the Battery, which overlooks the harbor across from the island of Fort Sumter. The Battery is surrounded by homes and colorful buildings known as Rainbow Row.


What is the significance in U.S. history of Fort Sumter, located on a small man-made island in Charleston Harbor?

This fort was the site of the opening battle of the American Civil War. It fell to Confederate forces within 34 hours and remained in their hands for almost four years in spite of Union efforts to take it back. You can visit the Fort Sumter National Monument, which is administered by the National Park Service.


What dialect may you pick up if you listen carefully to locals at the Old City Market?

The other culture in Charleston is of the descendants of former slaves called Gullah, which has its own language consisting of a blend of English and various tribal dialects. You can sometimes hear it if you listen closely to the locals and it is most often heard at the Old City Market.


About how many people work at the combined naval and air force commands in and around Charleston?

The current workforce, including assigned military personnel, numbers more than 11,000 and about 3,600 people live in on-base family housing.


What is something you will see in the Old City Market?

In the Old City Market, you can watch basket weavers, mostly women, using sweet grass to weave baskets in designs that have been passed down by tradition and are now considered works of art. The technique dates back to when slaves were first brought from Africa in the 1700s.


How many tons of oysters are steamed, shucked and eaten for the sake of local charities at the annual Low Country Oyster Roast?

In late January, Boone Hall Plantation is host to the annual Low Country Oyster Roast. Amid a carnival atmosphere, 65,000 pounds (29,500 kilos) of oysters are steamed, shucked, and consumed to raise money for local charities.


What is the name of the famous submarine privately built in 1863?

The Hunley Submarine was the first submarine to ever engage and sink a battleship. The submarine sunk in Charleston Harbor after the Civil War battle and it was recovered in 2000.


Where in Charleston can one find the oldest landscaped gardens in the United States?

Middleton Place Plantation belonged to Arthur Middleton, who was a signatory of the Declaration of Independence. This plantation has the country's oldest landscaped gardens, stable yard, and a museum house where craftsmen demonstrate skills needed to work on a plantation during the 18th century.


What is the name of the museum in Charleston that claims to be America’s oldest museum?

Charleston Museum opened in 1824 and has a rich collection of local artifacts. You will find items like George Washington's christening cup, chairs that delegates sat on to sign South Carolina's Ordinance of Secession and firearms used in the Civil War.


How many live specimens that are mostly native to the Appalachian Watershed area are on display at Charleston's South Carolina Aquarium?

The South Carolina Aquarium has a display of more than 10,000 fish, snakes, river otters, sharks, jellyfish, and more. Most of the exhibits focus on species drawn from the Appalachian Watershed.


How many acres of black water cypress and tupelo swamp can you tour on boardwalks at the popular Audubon Swamp Garden?

There are 60 fascinating acres of black water cypress and tupelo swamp with easy boardwalk access to stroll at your leisure in a natural but safe environment. You will see various local wildlife, including alligators, while strolling the boardwalks, bridges and dikes while surrounded by beautiful plants.


How old is the Dock Street Theater, where performances are still held to this day?

The Dock Street Theater building was the first building constructed in America solely for use as a theater. The Charleston Stage Company presents numerous productions at this historic 1763 site.


What internationally acclaimed annual festival brings performers from all over the world to appear in a 17-day gala in venues all over Charleston?

The Piccolo Spoleto Festival is held in late May to early June in various theaters, churches, parks, storefronts, and streets throughout the city. Since it began in 1977, the festival has grown to be an internationally acclaimed celebration of music, opera, theater, and dance, drawing performers from the world over.


Approximately, how many buildings in Charleston have been designated as historic buildings?

Charleston architecture consists of more than 3,000 Georgian, Greek Revival, and Classic Revival style buildings. These stately structures have withstood the test of time, wars, hurricanes, and an earthquake in 1886.


What is the best way to tour the many historical homes of Charleston?

There are museums housed in historic homes and buildings with authentic furnishings that you can tour year round. You can also attend the annual Festival of Homes and Gardens in the spring, when many private homes are open for viewing.


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