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Charles might've "bowed his comely head/down, as upon a bed" in death, but a lot happened before he got there. Test your knowledge of Charles' early years, political frustrations, fight and flight in this quiz.

When was Charles born?

Charles was born after the Elizabethan era, in 1600.


What was Charles' father, James, known for?

He was known for both of these, besides being the king of England, that is.


Where was Charles born?

Charles kept a Scots accent his whole life.


Charles' language was also marked with what?

Charles had a stammer and was known for being rather quiet and reserved.


Charles was going to marry a Spanish princess, but what happened?

Charles was quite religious, and it was not realistic to think an English monarch would convert.


What royal did he end up marrying?

Henrietta Maria became his wife in 1625, right after he ascended the throne.


The most important (and unpopular) advisor in Charles' early years was …

The duke of Buckingham became disliked when he failed to marry Charles off to the Spanish princess.


Why were people NOT thrilled with Buckingham's match of Henrietta Maria and Charles?

The British Parliament was not gleeful about a Catholic siring the line of succession.


Buckingham was impeached by the House of Commons after he tried and failed to go to war with whom?

Buckingham's feelings were still stung by Spain's refusal to marry off their princess to his charge.


The House of Commons was largely made up of …

The Puritans arose from the Church of England but believed in different practices.


What was the name given to those opposed to the Puritan teachings?

The High Church Party stressed the importance of the Book of Common Prayer, whereas the Puritans were more interested in spontaneous worship.


When something wasn't going Charles' way in Parliament, he did what?

When all else fails, Charles thought, just don't let Parliament meet.


How did the people of England react to the duke of Buckingham's assassination in 1628?

He was an unpopular guy.


After Buckingham's death, what was Charles' reaction?

Charles decided to rule by himself for over a decade.


Because he couldn't receive parliamentary grants, Charles did what?

The "ship money" was a tax people had to pay that went to the royal navy. It was extremely unpopular.


Charles tried to impose what on Scotland?

The Scots were not happy to be told they had to change their Presbyterian liturgy.


What did the disagreement lead to?

Yup, Charles couldn't leave well enough alone and started a (failed) war with the Scots.


Because he needed money, Charles had to what?

It didn't go so hot — Parliament was very unhappy that Charles started a war that needed funding.


Charles finally agreed to what with Scotland?

He agreed to establish Presbyterianism, but too little too late.


As soon as tensions with Scotland had died a bit, who started a rebellion within the kingdom?

An Irish rebellion caused even more headaches.


What drove Charles to decide to arrest six Parliament members?

There were whisperings that Henrietta Maria was helping the Catholics in the Irish Rebellion.


How did the arrest go?

Charles was not the most competent political mind.


Where did Charles ended up bolstering an army?

He bolstered an army in north England. Charles was more or less driven from London, while Parliamentarians also took up arms.


Why did Henrietta Maria go to Denmark?

She went to pawn jewels. The king and queen were actually quite devoted to each other.


After civil war broke out, Charles moved his court where?

He was in Oxford until a siege led him to be smuggled out in disguise.


After being in the hands of the Scots, Charles was given to the Parliamentarians where he …

He made it to the Isle of Wight.


The governor of the Isle of Wight …

The governor wasn't a royalist, so back to the Parliamentarians Charles went.


Charles was tried for …

He was tried for treason. It was claimed he used his power for himself, not for the good of the country.


Charles was executed by …

The beheading took place in January 1649.


What was one of Charles' passions?

He introduced van Dyck and Rubens to England.


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