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Caterpillars live an interesting life -- their sole purpose is to consume as much food as they can, before they turn into butterflies or moths. It works for them. Take our quiz and learn more about how the caterpillar works.

What does a caterpillar do with its eggshell?

As soon as it hatches, a caterpillar eats its eggshell. Then it devours the plant it is standing on.


What does the corn earworm eat?

The corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea) eats tobacco plants. Lucky for it, it has an enzyme in its saliva for breaking down the nicotine in the plant, which would otherwise be toxic.


How many sections do caterpillars, moths and butterflies have in their bodies?

Caterpillars, moths and butterflies have three main parts to their body: a head, a thorax and an abdomen.


What is a butterfly's body adapted for doing?

A butterfly's body is adapted for finding a mate and reproducing. A caterpillar's is designed to turn food into fuel and store it.


How does a caterpillar start off life as?

A caterpillar starts off its life as a speckled egg and ends it as a chrysalis about to transform into a butterfly.


How many times does a caterpillar molt?

A caterpillar molts five times. The stage between each molt is called an instars.


What happens to the caterpillar when it forms a chrysalis?

When a caterpillar forms a chrysalis, it pupates or undergoes a metamorphosis.


How many legs does a caterpillar have?

A caterpillar has six legs, as well as pairs of prolegs, which help it to move around. Because the prolegs don't have segments or joints, they are not real legs.


How does the geometer moth move about?

The geometer moth does not have prolegs, so it moves in arches, using the legs at the front and back of its body. Caterpillars with prolegs crawl.


Through what does the caterpillar breathe?

A caterpillar has holes along the length of its body, called spiracles, which let it breathe. Its hairs and quills, called setae, are used to deter predators.


With what do caterpillars produce silk?

Caterpillars have spinnerets at the top of their heads, which produce silk.


Which of these caterpillars are carnivores?

The Liphyra brassolis is a carnivore. The butterfly lays its eggs in ant hills and then the caterpillars eat the ants and their larva.


Why does the silver-spotted skipper launch its waste into the air?

The silver-spotted skipper, the Epargyreus clarus, turns its waste into missiles and launches them away from itself, to prevent prey from tracking it down.


Why do solitary caterpillars spin silk?

Solitary caterpillars spin silk to act as a rope and harness, so that if they fall of a leaf, the silk net will catch them.


What do gregarious caterpillars use silk for?

Gregarious caterpillars, caterpillars that live in groups, spin silk sheets and use them as a shelter, a nest and as trellises to help them move around the trees.


What is a disadvantage of being a gregarious caterpillar?

A disadvantage of being a gregarious caterpillar is that you have to compete with your siblings for food. A further disadvantage is that you are at risk of infection for contagious diseases.


What is the hook with which the caterpillar attaches itself to a leaf called?

Some caterpillars form a silk pad on the underside of a leaf and attach themselves to it via a silk hook, called a cremaster. Others form a silk hammock to support themselves.


Inside the chrysalis, what does a caterpillar's body break itself down into?

Inside the chrysalis, a caterpillar breaks itself down into imaginal cells, which are undifferentiated cells that can become any type of cell.


What is a caterpillar's process of complete metamorphosis known as?

A caterpillar's process of complete metamorphosis from larva to chrysalis to butterfly is called holometabolism. Most caterpillars take about two weeks to go through this process; for some it can take months.


What do silkworms feed on?

Silkworms have lost the ability to survive without human intervention. Today, they feed on mulberry leaves before spinning silk.


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