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Your cat is so special in your eyes that you're sure it would win a cat show. But what do you know about cat shows? Can anyone enter and what are the judges looking for? Find out about cat shows by taking this quiz.

What is the name of the American body that oversees cat shows?

The full name is the Cat Fanciers' Association or CFA for short.


When did modern cat shows come into fashion?

The first modern cat shows took place in 1871 in London, England.


In what city or cities does the CFA International Cat Show conduct its annual event?

Each year, the show is held in a different city.


In the annual Supreme Cat Show, held in the U.K. by GCCF, how many cats usually take part?

More than 1,000 cats take part in this special show.


Which of these best describes a typical cat show?

Most cat shows are hectic and noisy, with lots of excitement and commotion.


How do they judge cats at a cat show?

Similar to the system used at dog shows, there is a standard set for every breed, and the cats are compared to that standard.


Aside from looking at the cats' measurements, how else are cats assessed?

The judges also look at the cats' overall balance and proportion.


How many CFA-recognized breeds are there?

There are a total of 41 CFA-recognized breeds.


What part of the cat carries the highest points value: the head, ears or eyes?

The head carries the highest value, with a possible 30-point total allocation.


Who makes sure that the shows run smoothly and cages are maintained?

Ring clerks and ring stewards take care of this, one of each for each ring in the show.


In the championship category, how old do the cats have to be?

The minimum age for this category is eight months.


In a specialty show, what is meant by the term "altered cat"?

An altered cat has been either spayed or neutered.


How do cat shows differ from dog shows in terms of where the animals are judged from?

At cat shows, the cats are judged from the judging tables, whereas at dog shows, the dogs jog with their owners around the arena.


What color scheme is used for first, second and third ribbons at the CFA cat show?

The first ribbon is blue, second is red and third is yellow.


If a cat champion wins over 200 points, it is called:

It is called a grand champion.


What do household pets win in their category?

Household pet winners win merit awards, which are red and white striped ribbons.


What is the "best-in-show" award?

The "best-in-show" is the highest award of a big league cat show, something like a World Cup.


What do experts suggest you do before entering your cat in a show?

They suggest getting yourself acquainted with a cat show as a spectator first.


What type of competition has the CFA International Cat Show introduced in recent years?

It has introduced an agility show, which involves a course and obstacles.


Who caters the cat food at the cat shows?

It's one of the things the owner has to come equipped with. You need to bring whatever food or drink your cat will need throughout the course of the show.


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