Quiz: The Ultimate Carpet Allergy Quiz
The Ultimate Carpet Allergy Quiz
By: Staff
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Do you suffer from allergies to dust mites, pet dander, mold or pollen? Did you know that your wall-to-wall carpet might be your worst enemy? Take our quiz and learn how you can beat those dusty carpets at their allergy-triggering game.

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Allergens stimulate allergic reactions. Which of the following are common allergens often found in carpet?
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Carpets may contain ______ times more allergens than other floor coverings.
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Medical professionals recommend what action to help reduce allergic reactions to allergens in your home?
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Who is most adversely affected by allergens trapped in your carpets?
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Dust mites are a common cause of year round allergies. How many Americans are allergic to them?
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Which surprising product of the dust mite is the actual allergen?
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Besides in your carpet, where might dust mites hide?
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What percentage of people are allergic to their household pet?
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Pet dander (dead skin) is the most common pet allergen. Which of the following are also allergy triggers?
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Mold is a common allergy trigger. What type of environment promotes the growth and spread of mold?
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Which type of carpet is least likely to harbor allergens?
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If you have allergies, how often should you vacuum your carpet and rugs?
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A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is specially designed to remove _______particles from your carpet.
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If you have allergies, how often should you steam or dry clean your carpet and rugs?
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Which organization offers a quality seal of approval for rating a vacuum cleaner's ability to remove allergens?
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