Quiz: The Ultimate Car Symptoms and Solutions Quiz
The Ultimate Car Symptoms and Solutions Quiz
By: Maria Trimarchi
Image: Witthaya Prasongsin / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

So you can drive a car, sure, but can you troubleshoot one?

These days, car technology has developed by leaps and bounds. In comparison to the past, some problems we encounter today don't seem as catastrophic. No matter if you're driving a manual or an automatic transmission, there will still be some basic problems that you will definitely encounter while driving on the road; regardless of the car brand, some problems tend to be universal in nature.

That is why it's smarter to be "in the know" about major features and specific issues that a car could develop from time to time. This also means that as a motorist, we all have to be responsible for the safety and reliability of our vehicle's various mechanisms, both inside and outside. After all, this four-wheeled vehicle -- no matter if it's 2WD or 4WD -- carries not only our things but also our lives. To be safe on the road is always better than to be sorry off the road after a disaster. We know you agree with that!

Do you think you know even the most basic troubleshooting tips and techniques in handling a car? Then let this quiz help you out as a handy reviewer. It's time you get acquainted with these issues, so click away and get started on this quiz!

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What color fluid would you find on the ground under your car if there's an oil leak?
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A faulty thermostat can be a common reason for a car's engine to overheat.
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Which is not one of the three things your car's engine needs to start?
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Your steering wheel is vibrating and you can feel your car shake, especially when you're idling, and it might stall at a red light. What's going on?
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Why might your passenger complain of feeling vibrations in the passenger seat?
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What does it indicate if your car's engine oil turns from amber to a foamy, milky white?
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Which is the most common symptom of a seized engine?
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But what if the knocking noise is less of a ping and instead more of a deep hammering noise?
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You can't start the car, you smell gasoline, and is that a puff of dark smoke that came out of the tailpipe? What could this trio of symptoms indicate?
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You hear a popping sound coming from under your hood, and now it it feels like your engine is hesitating. Which of these might be the problem?
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Thick black smoke coming from your car's exhaust pipe can seem alarming. What might cause that?
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What is white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe a symptom of?
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What kind of fluid leak could cause the color of your car's exhaust to turn blue?
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Which piston problem sounds almost like a bell?
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The mass air flow sensor (MAF) measures the air flowing into the engine, and it figures out how much fuel needs to be injected. How would you know if it's malfunctioning?
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What is the green or orange sweet-smelling fluid that's left a spot under your car?
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What happens if you accidentally put diesel fuel into a car with a gasoline-powered engine, and then drive home?
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You turn your car off, but it continues running. It's not possessed. But why would that happen?
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What is your car's engine lacking if it is surging at highway speeds?
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Hearing dinner sizzle on the grill is far better than hearing a sizzle under your car's hood. What does it mean if you hear your car's engine sizzling or hissing right after you turn it off?
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Knock. Knock. Your engine doesn't want to come in, but it does have something to tell you. What is engine knocking/pinging a sign of?
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What could be wrong if your car's gas mileage has been poor lately, and now it's stalling?
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What's causing the clicking noise that gets louder when you rev your engine but disappears at higher speeds?
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Which is not a reason the Check Engine / Malfunction Indicator Light could come on?
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What controls your car's performance and drivability, like the engine spark and fuel efficiency?
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Which is the worst case scenario for why your car has low oil pressure?
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You're idling at a red light when you hear what sounds like a metallic double knock. What part of the engine could cause that noise?
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Which is not one of the three most common engine problems?
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The Check Engine Light shouldn't stay on for more than a few seconds after you start your car. What should you do if it starts flashing?
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