Quiz: Quiz: Can your house be LEED certified?
Quiz: Can your house be LEED certified?
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So you're building a new home and want to make it supremely green. Think you know what it takes to construct a house that can get earn LEED certification? Take our quiz and find out!

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Which of the following is NOT one of the nine areas of green practices that LEED covers?
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What is the highest level of LEED certification that the U.S. Green Building Council recognizes?
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Which of these states has its own regionally specific credits for green practices, as defined under the new LEED v3?
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True or False: The LEED program covers the indoor air quality of a building.
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What percentage of the yard must be dedicated to a "no disturbance zone" to get a credit under the LEED guidelines?
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How close should a LEED home be to existing water and sewer lines to claim certification credit?
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Which of these natural features should NOT be located near a LEED home in order to claim certification credits?
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As a prerequisite for certification, all LEED homes must meet minimum requirements under which other energy standard?
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True or False: A builder can earn LEED points for a building when he or she educates its tenants or buyers on green living.
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What is the maximum percentage of a new construction's budget that can be spent on wasted materials, under LEED guidelines?
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True or False: LEED gives no points for environmental improvements that aren't outlined in the standards.
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What type of plants are banned as a prerequisite for LEED certification?
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How many gallons per flush must a LEED home's toilets use?
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True or False: To be certified, LEED homes must be subjected to a process called "commissioning" to make sure they are using energy efficiently.
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True or False: LEED-certified homes cannot contain fireplaces.
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