Quiz: Can You Unscramble These Historical Figures' Names?
Can You Unscramble These Historical Figures' Names?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Mlenny/E+/gettyimages

About This Quiz

Over the course of time, history is filled with people who have played influential roles in shaping mankind. They range from world leaders to doctors and scientists, princes and princesses and many more.

In their own way, these people have contributed to how our world has developed, some in good ways, while others have had a massively negative impact, not only on their own nations but the world in general. For every Winston Churchill, there is an Adolf Hitler, someone hell-bent on making their nation the greatest and crushing everything that stands in their way.

But there are also heroes who need to be remembered as well - those who fought for civil rights and lost their lives in the process. They were men like Abraham Lincoln, an American president bold enough to abolish slavery, a decision that tore America in two, or Martin Luther King, a man who stood for civil rights 100 years later.

And then there are the brainy bunch, those who through their incredible intellectual capacity, have advanced our civilization. So the question is this. Would you be able to identify a range of historical figures from their scrambled up names?

No problem? OK, then, Gdoo, Lcuk! 

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