Quiz: Can You Translate These Canadian Slang Words?
Can You Translate These Canadian Slang Words?
By: Allison Lips
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About This Quiz

Canada is known for being cold, having citizens who love hockey, and having both French and English as national languages. However, it is so much more than that and that comes across in Canadian English.

While Canadians tend to get stereotyped as a bunch of people who sound mostly like Americans, except for when they say "out and about." it's not accurate at all. The accents might be similar, but Canadians have their own unique vocabulary that baffles their fellow English speakers. This vocabulary has been shaped by British English, French, Chinook Jargon and a myriad of other influences. 

Unlike American English, Canadian English kept many of the features found in British English. Canada spells meter as "metre" and center as "centre." The last letter of the alphabet is called "zed" instead of "zee." Both also have "eh" as part of their vocabulary, although Canadians get more mileage out of the word with its many different meanings, which change based on the inflection used. 

Are you ready for this quiz? Grab a plate of poutine, make yourself a Caesar and enjoy a Nanaimo bar! For the uninitiated, those are a plate of french fries with cheese curds and gravy, a bloody Mary made with clamato juice, and a bar that contains a wafer, butter icing and chocolate ganache. It's time to test your knowledge of Canadian slang! 

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You may be loony if you're carrying 100 loonies around because they are only worth what?
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While America Runs on Dunkin', Canada runs to Timmies, which is formally known as what?
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If a Canadian says they are going to the store for a two-four, what are they picking up?
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Which Canadian city do you live in if you are in The Six?
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When it gets cold out, a Canadian might put on a tuque, which is what?
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What are you carrying around if you have a Toonie in your pocket?
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What is a hockey player doing if he dekes out another player?
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What unit of measure is a klick?
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When a Canadian says they are on the pogey, what are they referring to?
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If a Canadian wears their runners, what type of shoe are they wearing?
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What are you wearing if someone comments on your bunny hug?
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If you ask for a freezie on a hot summer day, what will you receive?
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If you're going out for a rip, what are you doing?
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If you put your leftover food in the garburator, where is it going?
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When two people are chirping each other, what are they doing?
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If an event is describe as a gong-show, what was it?
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What is a Canadian eating if they are having Kraft Dinner?
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If a Canadian is sitting on a chesterfield, what are they sitting on?
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When someone says they are a Newfie, where are they from?
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If you ask for a pencil crayon, what kind of coloring tool will you receive?
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When someone goes to the liquor store for a mickey, what are they purchasing?
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When someone is called a hoser, what are they being called?
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If you ask for a double-double, what will you get in your coffee?
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What type of outdoor chair is a Muskoka chair?
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If you get whitener in your coffee, what are you putting in it?
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What kind of pants are joggers?
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The milk that Canadians call "homo milk" is better known as what?
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