Quiz: Can You Tell Us Where These Famous Military Leaders Are From?
Can You Tell Us Where These Famous Military Leaders Are From?
By: John Miller

About This Quiz

Only a few men make lasting names for themselves in the art of war -- those stalwart generals whose leadership endears them to their men or makes them heroes of the homeland. It’s often easy to pinpoint the war or the era in which these men fought. But in this gunpowder-blasted quiz, do you really know where the following military leaders are from?

The origins of history’s most influential battlefield masters aren’t always obvious. In some cases, generals fight for the countries where they were born … but sometimes they move across borders before they take up arms. In other cases – and we’re looking at you, Mr. Arnold – men start as trusted leaders in one army and then switch sides, making them untrustworthy traitors of the worst kind. Do you think you can pinpoint the regions where guys like George Patton and Alexander the Great came from?

And other times, generals’ names are deceiving. Do you really know the history and ethnicity behind a name like Eisenhower, Khan, Hitler or Franco? We’ll find out of you really know where these men came from, and which nations they led to war.

Take up arms in this globe-trotting war leaders quiz. Let’s find out if you know where these famous commanders are from!

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