Can You Tell Us if These Foods Are Kosher or Not?

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Everyone knows that bacon is off limits if you are Kosher, but many people don't quite realize how complicated keeping Kosher can be. 

Animals and even fruits and vegetables must fit a specific set of rules, and every product needs to be certified Kosher. Dairy and meat cannot be eaten at the same time or within the same meal. Many traditional Jews have two different sets of plates and utensils, one for dairy meals and one for meat meals. Very strict practitioners may even have two separate kitchens. 

It's important to note that the interpretation of Kosher law varies by person. Some will eat a product based on the ingredient list and others will only eat a product if the package has a symbol marking it Kosher. Kosher labeling is more extensive than a single symbol. Letter's "K" and "U" indicate that the product is Kosher, while a "D" means that the product is dairy or contains dairy as an ingredient. The letter "P" only pertains to Kosher for Passover food items which are a whole other topic! To make matters more complicated, things are always changing. What wasn't Kosher a year ago may be Kosher today and vice versa.  

Do you think you know your Kosher Laws? Prove it by taking this quiz! Identify whether these 40 foods are Kosher or not!

Is bacon kosher?

Bacon, the meat from the sides and belly of a pig, is not kosher. Pigs are cloven-hoofed animals and are not considered kosher.

Is a burger with tomato, lettuce, and cheese kosher?

Fancy a burger? Just skip the cheese if you want to keep kosher. You can't mix meat and dairy in the kosher world. Order a plain burger and add some guacamole instead.

Can you drink chocolate milk if you keep kosher?

You don't have to give up this chocolate goodness if you keep kosher. Just make sure you are purchasing kosher chocolate milk, meaning the milk was made from kosher cows.

Are cheese omelettes kosher?

Since eggs are not considered meat, feel free to throw some cheese on that omelette if you are trying to keep kosher. Just make sure you are using kosher cheese made from kosher cows.

Can you eat a crab cake if you keep kosher?

If it doesn't have fins or scales, the answer is no. According to the Torah, fish are kosher only if they have fins or scales. Stick to whitefish salad, salmon, trout, and other scaley options.

Is a fried fish sandwich kosher?

You may have to skip the cheeseburger, but feel free to order that fried fish sandwich instead! There is nothing wrong with eating a fried fish sandwich, as long as the ingredients used to make it are kosher. You can even throw some cheese on top since fish do not fall into the meat category because they are not animals that walk on land.

Are Oreo's considered kosher?

Before the mid 1990's Oreo's were made with lard, and therefore were not considered kosher. Fortunately, Nabisco decided to remove the lard and clean their factories according to kosher guidelines. Today, every Oreo package is stamped with the kosher seal of approval.

Is JELLO a good kosher item to bring to potlucks?

JELLO is made with non-kosher gelatin, a glue-like protein made from boiling the skin, tendons, and ligaments from animals, which is generally not considered kosher. However, gelatin can be made from kosher slaughtered cows and/or fish, so if you are craving a JELLO like desert, make sure you find a brand that is kosher certified.

Can I enjoy Clams Casino as an appetizer if I'm keeping kosher?

Clams Casino is made with clams and sprinkled with bacon. Shellfish is not considered kosher, and as we already know, neither is bacon. Therefore, Claim's Casino is not a kosher option for an appetizer.

Is Guinness Beer kosher?

Before 2018, Guinness was produced using isinglass, a product made from fish liver, and therefore, was not considered kosher. In 2018, the company announced that it had discontinued the use of isinglass and is now kosher certified.

Can you use Hershey's chocolate syrup when keeping kosher?

Pour on your ice cream and turn that regular old milk into a chocolatey masterpiece. Hershey's chocolate syrup gets the kosher stamp approval. Everything on the ingredients list is kosher and safe to enjoy.

Are marshmallows kosher?

Most marshmallows contain gelatin (protein product made out of pork or other non-kosher animals) and are therefore, not kosher. Craving a S'more? Go in search of a vegan or certified kosher marshmallow brand instead.

Does A-1 steak sauce have the kosher stamp of approval?

With clean ingredients such as tomato puree, vinegar, and salt, A-1 steak sauce is considered kosher. As long as the steak consumed is also kosher, A-1 steak sauce is a perfect accompaniment for a kosher steak dinner.

Are lobster rolls considered kosher?

Lobster is a shellfish and is therefore not considered kosher. Fried fish sandwiches are kosher, so next time you crave a summer sandwich, opt for a fish sandwich instead of a lobster roll.

Is sushi kosher?

Depending on what fish the sushi is made with, sushi is considered kosher. Just make sure the sushi you are getting is kosher certified. Skip the lobster and crab rolls though, sushi is considered kosher only if it's made with vegetables or fish that have fins and scales.

When visiting Philadelphia, can someone keeping kosher eat a cheesesteak?

Kosher laws state that you cannot eat dairy with meat, therefore cheesesteaks are absolutely not kosher. However, you can a eat kosher steak sandwich sans cheese, just make sure the steak is made from kosher cows.

Is Saltwater Taffy kosher?

Up and down the New Jersey boardwalk, you will find stores selling Saltwater Taffy. Keeping Kosher is a spectrum. Some people will eat a product based on the ingredient list and others will only eat if there is a kosher symbol on the product. Many saltwater taffy brands​ are kosher but not all of them have the little kosher symbol on their products, but many of them do.

Can someone keeping kosher eat Fried Calamari?

While not considered shellfish, an Octopus does not have fins or scales and is, therefore, not considered clean or kosher. Again, depending on the type of fish, fried fish is considered kosher, so swap the calamari for a nice piece of fried white fish!

Are Pringle Potato chips kosher?

Next time you're in the chip aisle, grab a cylinder of Pringle's and check out the bottle. All the way at the bottom, you will find a tiny little kosher symbol. While the ingredient list is surprisingly long, everything listed is considered kosher.

Is Catfish kosher?

Yes, catfish do have fins but they don't have scales and fish need to have both in order to be considered kosher. That means shark and sturgeon are off the kosher menu as well.

When attending a fancy French restaurant, can someone keeping kosher eat escargot (snails)?

Escargot is an acquired taste, and it is also not kosher. Snails, the part of the animal eaten, live inside a shell, and are therefore considered shellfish and subsequently are not considered kosher.

Are insects considered kosher?

When dining out, it isn't often that you see insects on the menu, which is part of the reason why they are not considered kosher. If you're keeping kosher, try to avoid insects for dinner!

Can someone keeping kosher eat a chocolate-covered grasshopper?

In Yemenite tradition, grasshoppers and other locusts are considered kosher. So, if you are really craving that chocolate-covered grasshopper and are keeping kosher, go for it!

Is wine considered kosher?

Wine can only be considered kosher if it is certified kosher by a rabbi. Because wine was often used in pagan ceremonies, many Jews keeping kosher won't use wine unless it is certfied kosher.

Can someone who is kosher eat anchovies?

Anchovies have scales and fins and are therefore considered kosher. Anchovies are super healthy for you and easy to store at home since they are canned, which makes them an excellent pantry staple in a kosher kitchen.

Are Jolly Ranchers kosher?

Some Jolly Rancher products are not kosher, such as the gummy Jolly Rancher Bites. Fortunately, the original Jolly Ranchers hard candies are kosher, so feel free to dig in!

Are Starbursts a good kosher candy treat?

Starbursts are not a good kosher candy treat because they contain gelatin. The gelatin used in Starbursts is derived from non-kosher beef and therefore, does not receive the kosher stamp of approval.

Can you "taste the rainbow" with Skittles if you're kosher?

Skittles weren't always kosher. The original Skittles formula included gelatin derived from non-kosher beef, but a few years back, Wrigley changed the recipe and Skittles are now Gelatin-Free. Those who keep kosher can now "taste the rainbow" too!

Is a bowl of New England Clam Chowder kosher?

A bowl of New England Clam chowder is not kosher. Just look at the name of the soup and you can see why. The main ingredient is clams which, of course, are not kosher because they are considered shellfish.

Can someone keeping kosher chow down on eel?

Eel is off the menu if you're keeping kosher. Eels do not have fins and scales and therefore are not kosher. Pass on the eel next time you go out for sushi if you're keeping kosher.

Can you give someone who keeps kosher Dove Chocolate Promises for Valentine's Day?

While many Dove chocolate products are considered kosher, their Chocolate Promises are not certified by the Orthodox union. However, many other Mars products are kosher such as Snickers and Twix.

Is Spam considered kosher?

Spam's ingredients include pork and ham. We already know that pork products are a big no-no if you're keeping kosher. Leave that can of Spam right where it is in the grocery store if you're keeping kosher.

Is Rocky Road ice cream kosher?

Whether or not Rocky Road ice cream is considered kosher all comes down to the brand and the type of marshmallow that is used. If kosher marshmallows are used (marshmallows made without gelatin), then the answer is yes. Just make sure to check to see if there is a kosher symbol or what the ingredients list contains.

Can someone who keeps kosher eat rabbit?

Rabbits have paws and eat fruits and vegetables. They do not have split hooves and are therefore not kosher. People that keep kosher may have a rabbit as a pet but not for dinner.

Is goat cheese kosher?

Animals that are considered kosher chew their cud and have split hooves, just like goats. Since goats are considered kosher, so is delicious goat cheese that is produced from their milk.

Are all types of bread kosher?

Bread is only considered kosher if it is made by a Jewish person or from a kosher bakery. Many bakeries use dairy to make bread that is not kosher as well as animal fats to grease the bread pans. Therefore it is important that anyone who keeps kosher check the product for the kosher seal of approval.

Can someone keeping kosher eat tuna salad?

Tuna fish have scales and fins, so the answer is yes! Mixed with a kosher mayo and spread between two slices of kosher bread, tuna salad makes an excellent kosher lunchtime treat.

Can someone keeping kosher whip up some cornbread using Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix?

Jiffy Corn Muffin mix is not kosher because it contains lard. People that are kosher should make cornbread from scratch or search for a certified kosher mix instead.

Are Goldfish crackers a good kosher snack?

Goldfish crackers may not have scales and fins but they are kosher! Goldfish crackers are considered clean and make an excellent kosher snack.

Are General Mills Bugles kosher?

At one time, Bugles were certified kosher but due to changes in production, they are no longer considered kosher. The bags of salty deliciousness you find in the grocer stores, no longer have the OU-D symbol.

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