Which Is It: Harry Potter Spell or Ikea Furniture?

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IKEA is a Swedish-founded multinational group that is known for designing and selling home accessories, kitchen appliances, and various types of furniture that buyers can assemble on their own. Founded over 75 years ago, the company is one of the world's largest furniture retailers in the world.

Apart from being known for their environmental friendly pieces, the company is also famous for the unique names that they give to their pieces. Being that the company is from Sweden, some strange names are expected, but not to the level where it is difficult to pronounce. Some of the pieces' names are so out of the box that many people have likened them to spells from the Harry Potter universe and recommend the use of a wand when attempting to say it.

If you were given different names, would you be able to tell if it was the name of a piece of furniture from IKEA or if it was a spell from Harry Potter? Well, this quiz was designed to test just that. Will it reveal that you are a Harry Potter fan or will it show that you need to do some more work in that department? Test your knowledge to find out!


Furniture. This is a refrigerator sold by Ikea.


Spell. This spell makes a beam of light shoot from the caster's wand. It lets them light up the darkness.


Furniture. This is a nightstand that Ikea sells.


Furniture. The Savern is a trash can available at Ikea.


Furniture. These cushions from Ikea come in several colors.


Spell. Known as The Mending Charm, this spell is used to restore and repair broken objects.


Furniture. This is the name of a drawer style sold at Ikea.


Furniture. This cushion cover is sold at Ikea.


Furniture. This refers to both a floor lamp and a table lamp sold at Ikea.


Furniture. Several types of tables sold at Ikea have this name.

Anno Sanela

Furniture. This is a panel curtain.


Furniture. This is the name of a guardrail that can be attached to the side of a child's bed.


Furniture. This is the name of a love seat, sectional and sofa available at Ikea.


Furniture. This is a bookcase.


Spell. This spell can either break or disintegrate objects.


Furniture. This is a foam chair pad.


Furniture. This name is given to both a bowl and a vase at Ikea.


Spell. This spell creates fire.


Furniture. This potted plant is sold at Ikea.


Spell. This spell is used by the caster to summon objects.


Spell. This spell turns any object into a port-key.


Spell. This spell acts as a shield from minor curses and reflects them back onto the attacker or in other directions.


Furniture. This fleece throw blanket can be used for living room decor.


Spell. Known as The Gouging Spell, it lets the caster take chunks out of a victim.


Spell. This spell fills the victim's ears with buzzing sounds so they can't hear what is happening around them.


Furniture. This is a mirror sold at Ikea.


Spell. It is used to create small explosions.

Vera Verto

Spell. This spell transforms animals into water goblets.


Spell. It is used to open doors and windows.

Chamaedorea Elegans

Furniture. This is the name of a potted plant sold at Ikea.


Spell. This spell makes small objects fly through the air.


Spell. This spell sucks the victim into the ground.


Spell. This spell makes the steps on a staircase turn into a slide.


Furniture. This is a stylish table lamp.


Spell. This spell forces the victim's legs to dance against their will.

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