Quiz: Can You Tell Australian Phrases From American Phrases?
Can You Tell Australian Phrases From American Phrases?
By: Allison Lips
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About This Quiz

Britain and the United States are usually the countries talked about in the phrase "separated by a common language." However, Australia should be included. All three dialects of English have their own distinguishing characteristics, which gives way to unique phrases. This quiz focuses on American and Australian Englishes. 

Due to the influence of American media, Australians may have already heard some American phrases, such as "the whole nine yards" or "whole other ball of wax." That doesn't mean Australians necessarily know what they mean or why someone would use them. On the other hand, Americans are equally baffled by phrases like "flat out like a lizard drinking" and whatever a "Fremantle doctor" is. The former means to be extremely busy. The latter refers to a cool sea breeze on a hot summer's day.

To make matters worse or more interesting, depending on your point of view, there are phrases that mean something entirely different to a speaker of the other dialect. If you're an American, you may get amused looks when you state that you are "rooting for the home team" because to an Australian "root" is vulgar slang for a quite different act.

Will you complete this quiz like nobody's business? Find out how accurately you can determine the origins of these phrases!

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Which nationality barracks for their favorite footy team?
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Who is more likely to say something is a "piece of cake?"
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Who will you be more likely to "shoot the breeze" with?
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If someone is trying to comfort you with "She'll be right," they are probably what?
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Who is more likely to request to "ride shotgun?"
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Which nationality is more likely to say "I'm run off my feet" when they have many things to do?
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If you're angry, who may tell you you've "spit the dummy?"
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Who may make plans for Saturday arvo?
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If you have too much of something, which country's citizens may say you have it "out the wazoo?"
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What dialect of English gave us the phrase "behind the eight ball?"
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Who may ask for a "fair suck of the sauce bottle?"
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If someone is a little off, who might use the expression "A few stubbies short of a six-pack?"
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Which form of English will you find the phrase "What's the John Dory?"
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A member of which nationality may ask you to "pony up" if you owe them money?
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What dialect of English created the phrase "put up your dukes?"
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A man who is what may warn a mate that their are "ducks on the pond?"
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Who may say they "take a rain check" if they do not immediately accept an offer?
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Who might say something is bad with the phrase "things are crook in Tallarook?"
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If you're being haughty, who may tell you that you "have tickets on yourself?"
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Which dialect has the phrase "done like a dinner?"
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Who many tell you to "have a Captain Cook?"
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A speaker of which dialect may tell you not to get "bent out of shape?"
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Which version of English does the saying "wrap your laughing gear 'round that" come from?
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Who will let you know if something has a "Buckley's chance?"
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Who is more likely to give you props?
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Who may inform you that you're "on the hook for" dinner?
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Who may tell you to be grateful with the expression "better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick?"
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If you have to wait, who may tell you to "hang tight?"
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Who might describe someone as "mad as a cut snake?"
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Who might dismiss something as "for the birds?"
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Who may make the suggestion that you can get "more bang for your buck?"
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Who may describe an escape as to "do the Harry?"
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Who is more likely to "plead the Fifth" if they do not want to reveal something?
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Who may describe someone "as game as Ned Kelly?"
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Which English dialect gave us the phrase "the whole nine yards?"
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