Quiz: Can You Spell These Simple Spanish Words That the English Language Has Stolen?
Can You Spell These Simple Spanish Words That the English Language Has Stolen?
By: Torrance Grey
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About This Quiz

Back in old Europe, Spain and England had an uneasy relationship. These not-quite neighbors had diplomatic relations, occasional royal intermarriages, and clashes between their formidable navies for centuries. But it took the exploration of the New World for their languages, both descended from Latin, to become close cousins. 

Much of America's Old West was originally occupied and settled by Mexicans, descended, in part, from Spanish settlers. For this reason, many words from the world of ranching -- including "ranch" itself -- are adapted from Spanish. One of the more famous ones, the Western slang term "buckaroo," is descended from "vaquero," meaning "cowboy." (Don't worry, that's not a spoiler -- we didn't include that one in the quiz.) Spanish has also contributed many words for foods to the English language. This isn't surprising, given that Mexican recipes and ingredients are the basis for most of Southwestern U.S. cuisine. From "jalapeno" to "Tabasco," Spanish colors the language like it flavors the food. 

Are you ready to test your skills at spelling these Spanish loanwords? One thing, before you start: Some of these words are exactly the same in English and Spanish, but more often the English word has a slightly Anglicized spelling. We won't try to trick you by using the Spanish version as one of the four choices. We're always looking for the correct English spelling among three misspelled variants. 

Clear? Okay! Buena suerte!

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This word means a pen for livestock.
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At this event, cowboys show off their skills.
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This word means a party.
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This adjective about a man is not usually a compliment.
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As everyone will tell you if you get it wrong, this is a fruit, not a vegetable.
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This is a loop of rope used to catch livestock.
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This word means a central square or gathering spot.
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This is a raised, flat outcropping of land.
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Puff, don't draw deep.
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Once just a building material, it is now a suite of software.
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This word means "little fly" in Spanish.
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This is a deep gorge in the surface of the Earth.
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This is a name for a mountain range.
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This is a fancy word for earthquake you often hear or read in news coverage.
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This word literally means "small war."
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This is a word for bullfighter (or an AMC car of the 70s).
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This is a word for a person who is passionate about something.
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You might buy furniture for this at Home Depot.
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New York's Guardian Angels are this kind of group.
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This word means "small fleet."
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This animal got its name because it looks like it's wearing plates of armor.
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This grows well in the American southeast.
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This is a place ships dock at, or sail from.
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You might know this word from _____ pants or _____ cult.
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This has become one of America's favorite types of Mexican food.
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According to national guidelines, ketchup isn't a vegetable, but this is.
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This is the name of a weather event.
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This drink went multi-platinum in the late 2000s.
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You might see this sexy dance on "Dancing With the Stars."
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You might use this on a fishing trip.
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This is the well-known Spanish word for "good."
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This is the Spanish word for "tomorrow."
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This word can be followed with "luego" or "la vista."
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California's Highway 101 is also called El _______ Real.
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Hershey is famous for this.
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