Quiz: Can You Spell These 35 Tricky Words?
Can You Spell These 35 Tricky Words?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Were you a shoo-in for the annual spelling bee in school? Do you still pride yourself on being able to spell even the most difficult words? If you think you can hang with the national spelling champs, take this quiz.

Let's begin with the misspelling of the word misspell. Did you know that misspell is often misspelled? If you didn't, you might be in trouble. Too many people spell misspell with only one "s," as in "mispell," when the word misspell actually has two "s"s. Confused? Don't be. Let's dig into the subject further.

Some of the most common spelling errors occur in the example above: misspell. Double letters can cause a great deal of confusion among writers. Another reason words are often misspelled is because of silent letters, as in the word pneumonia. We certainly don't pronounce the "p," now do we? But, let's get serious. If you can't spell the word misspell, and you need to write something such as, "That word is misspelled," simply change the sentence to "that word is not spelled correctly." Just avoid spelling the words you commonly misspell.

Whew! If we haven't completely confused you, take this quiz to find out how many of the commonly misspelled words you can identify.

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