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Here comes the bride, but has she got her vocabulary down? When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many terms that you'll need to know. In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of the bridal lingo every woman should embrace!

Which train extends 6-8 feet behind a bride?

A cathedral train is a long, dramatic train that extends six to eight feet behind the bride. This is a train selected for ultra-formal weddings.

Which is considered a fall or winter fabric?

Brocade is a heavy fabric best used for fall or winter. It's a woven fabric with raised designs, often floral.

What is the most popular fabric for wedding dresses?

Silk is the most popular fabric for wedding dresses. It's very soft and has a nice sheen to it.

A formal wedding is referred to as ________.

A black tie wedding is a very formal wedding. If you want this kind of formality, be sure to say so in the invitation!

Which is the longest veil?

The cathedral veil is the longest of these three. It flows behind the bride for seven feet or more. A common and flattering length is fingertip.

Which are the longest gloves?

Opera-length gloves are full-length, past the elbow, the longest that you can get. If you want drama, then definitely get a pair of these.

The bride and groom sit at which table?

The bride and groom sit at the head table. This is usually a long table that faces the guests.

Which of these adds bulk to your gown?

Crinoline is a kind of netting that is added inside the gown to create more bulk. A hoop skirt can also be used.

Which of these is a short veil?

A blusher veil is a short veil that covers the bride's face while she's walking down the aisle. This veil is lifted back by the groom.

What is it called when guests pay for their own drinks?

A cash bar is where your guests will pay cash in order to get a drink. Your guests will also not think highly of you.

If you're eco-conscious, consider having which sort of wedding?

Eco or green weddings are quite the trend. Reused or recycled items are involved. Organic food may be served. Consider vintage or rented dresses for the bride and her wedding party.

Traditionally, what flavor is the groom's cake?

The groom's cake is usually made of chocolate. This cake is often masculine in design.

What's another term for a bachelorette party?

The bachelorette party is also referred to as a hen party. This is when the bride celebrates her last days of being single.

What do you call catering services provided by the venue?

In-house catering is when the food is supplied by the venue. This makes things a lot easier, for sure!

Who is too old to be a flower girl and too young to be a bridesmaid?

The junior bridesmaid is too old to be a flower girl and too young to be a bridesmaid. She will still participate in the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner.

What is the name of the large outdoor tent used for weddings?

A marquee tent is the most common tent used for outdoor weddings. It is almost always professionally installed.

What do you call a wedding band with tiny stones in it?

A micro-pave band is embedded with many tiny stones. Such bands require a bit more care and caution, since stones may be chipped or lost.

Who is in charge of the wedding ceremony?

The wedding officiant is in charge of the ceremony. They don't have to be a priest, but they must be legally able to marry someone in that state.

Vows are often recited from the Book of ________.

The Book of Common Prayer is a source for traditional vows. Otherwise, a bride and groom might choose to create their personal vows.

What do you call a small, individual cake covered in fondant​?

A petite four is a small, individual cake, sometimes covered by fondant or marzipan on all sides. It makes a lovely wedding dessert!

What does RSVP stand for?

RSVP comes from the French phrase, répondez s’il vous plaît. An invitee should send an RSVP as soon as they can.

What music plays as the wedding party leaves the ceremony?

The recessional is the music that plays as the wedding party leaves. The processional plays when the wedding party enters.

What do you call the small cushion carried by the ring bearer?

The ring pillow is the cushion that the ring bearer carries. Often, the ring pillow holds decoy rings, to avoid disaster!

What is sent to notify friends and family when a wedding will take place?

The save-the-date notifies recipients when the wedding will take place. The save-the-date is followed by the invitation. An announcement would be sent after the wedding, to notify loved ones that a ceremony took place.

Which of these flowers is commonly found in a bridal bouquet?

The stargazer lily is a common flower found in bridal bouquets. It is brightly colored and extremely fragrant.

A winter wonderland wedding is an example of a ______ wedding.

A theme wedding is anything that is centered around a specific concept. The theme is usually not just about color or pattern.

What is the traditional setting for an engagement ring?

A Tiffany setting is a traditional setting for a solitaire engagement ring. The diamond is displayed to full advantage.

What latticework backdrop is used for outdoor weddings?

A trellis is an outdoor latticework, often made of metal or wood. Plants and flowers may climb on the trellis.

What is the traditional term for the bride's possessions, which she brings to the marriage?

The trousseau is the traditional term for the bride's possessions, which she brings to the marriage. It can also refer to her dress.

What do you call the most formal wedding possible?

A white tie wedding is the most formal that you can have. This refers to men wearing white bowties and women wearing formal gowns.

Which note tells the guests where the wedding ceremony and reception are located?

A map card is inserted into the invitation to tell guests where the ceremony is located. It also tells them where the reception will be.

What is an elegant use of initials?

You often find monograms used for wedding invitations and even on cakes. A monogram features the initials of a person's name, done in an ornate, overlapping fashion.

Which of these will not tarnish?

Unlike silver and gold, palladium will not tarnish. It's a silver-white pure metal.

Which wedding favor includes seeds?

A plantable favor is something that guests can take home with them and plant. It includes seeds and acts as a reminder of the wedding.

What event is usually scheduled for the night before the wedding?

The rehearsal dinner is usually held the night before the wedding ceremony, following the actual rehearsal. This is reserved for those in the wedding party and for close family of the bride and groom.

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