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If you love a good word jumble to clear your mind, test your skills against this fruit and vegetable word jumble! These foods are easy to recognize when they show up on your plate, but can you name them when the letters are scrambled?

What yellow fruit is traditionally favored by monkeys?

nnaaba works out to "banana." You might say monkeys go bananas over bananas!

Which famous green leaf made Popeye's muscles bulge?

Spinach is well-known as a good source of iron, although in Popeye's day, people believed it provided significantly more of the vitamin than it does.

Which green, leafy vegetable shot into the public eye a few years ago and is still popular for its high nutritional value?

Kale is rightly considered a superfood: it's high in fiber, packs some protein, and is full of vitamins like A, C, and K. It can be eaten raw in salads or may be added to foods like smoothies, soups and chicken bakes. Baked kale chips are yummy, too.

What food is green on the outside but bright red on the inside, and children often have contests to see how far they can spit its seeds?

Watermelon is another summer favorite - you'll often find it in wedges or cubes at barbeques and parties. Seedless watermelons are the sterile offspring from naturally crossing certain watermelon types.

Once thought to be poisonous, which round, red fruit is often mistaken for a vegetable?

Believe it or not, the food we happily slice onto burgers and squeeze into ketchup was once thought to be poisonous. As a nightshade, it may have been viewed with suspicion because of related plants that are less than edible.

Which oblong veggie has a deep purple hue?

If you love hummus but want to change things up with a new dip, eggplant is your ticket to chef's heaven: it's the main ingredient in babaganouj, a Middle Eastern dip served with slices of carrot and pita bread.

What crispy, crunchy, juicy fruit was used to poison Snow White?

In the Disney movie, Snow White accepts a cursed apple from a witch and falls into a deep sleep. Fun fact: American apple varieties began to grow in the early 1600s, when settlers brought over seeds from England.

Which staple food was at the root of a famine in Ireland and is often eaten mashed or baked (and topped with cheese and bacon, of course)?

The Irish Potato Famine, also known as the Great Famine, occurred in the mid-1800s when a mold destroyed the potato crop several years in a row. Most Irish farmers depended on the crop. By the time the famine finally ended, somewhere between one and two million people had died from famine-related causes.

Which cool, green summer fruit (often thought of as a vegetable) can be eaten as is, in salads or pickled?

Cucumbers are a favorite topping for salads, are popular pickled, and feature prominently in ethnic dishes such as tabbouleh. The ones often found in grocery stores have a watery, gel-like texture; you can also try Lebanese cucumbers, which are smaller and less watery.

Which brown, fuzzy fruit hides bright green flesh inside?

Kiwi fruit will cause your hands to itch if you're not careful when preparing it. The small spikes from the outer layer can lodge in and irritate skin.

Which tropical fruit is yellow, covered in triangle shaped spikes, and topped with a lovely layer of tough, pointy leaves?

One of the secrets to preparing good pineapple chunks is rinsing the pineapple after cutting off the skin but before completely cubing. This washes away excess acid and reduces any lingering bitterness.

While it's great fresh on the cob, which food is also used to make flour?

Corn is delicious after boiling or grilling, but it's also processed into cornmeal and similar flours for making tortillas, cornbread and more.

Which bright orange fruit is a staple at Halloween?

Halloween is a time for pumpkin carving, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin... well, you get the idea. Next time you carve a pumpkin, consider saving the seeds: they can be baked with light seasoning for a tasty, healthy treat.

Which orange root is famous as a source of beta-carotene, which helps eyesight?

Carrots contain beta-carotene, a pigment that gives carrots their bright orange color. It just so happens to be an important vitamin for your eyes as well.

Which white or off-white vegetables can make your eyes water and sting terribly?

Onions come in many varieties, some more potent than others when it comes to tears in the kitchen. Aside from just wearing goggles, you can rinse the onion after peeling to help reduce (but not eliminate) eye burn.

Which veggies aren't hot (unlike others by their name), and come in yellow, green or red?

Bell peppers are a mild pepper, frequently used in American foods for a bit of extra flavor. They're rich in both vitamin A and vitamin C! Botanically speaking, they're fruits, by the way, since they have seeds.

Which gourds come in many shapes, sizes and colors?

Squash was a staple food for many Native Americans and remains a popular food during fall harvests throughout the US. Some examples include zucchini, pumpkin and acorn squash.

Which round fruit grows on trees, is extremely popular as a breakfast drink, and has a sweet but tangy taste?

Oranges are enjoyed both as-is and in the form of orange juice, but the flavor can be used as an accent in other dishes as well. Even the orange rind can be saved and candied.

Which small, red fruit is often sold by the bagful and comes with a long, slender stem still attached?

Cherries are popularly enjoyed fresh, on top of desserts, inside desserts, as flavoring for drinks or vitamins, and even in the form of cherry juice, which is said to have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Which pink or light red fruit is covered in a tough, light orange skin?

Grapefruit is typically considered a breakfast food. Some swear by eating it with sugar on top; others insist that salting is the only way to go.

What tart, yellow fruit is rarely eaten on its own, but is used as a staple flavoring in most kitchens?

Lemons are used for a litany of purposes, from cleaning to drinking. From lemonade and cocktails to fish and floors, lemons have worked their way into every part of a kitchen.

Which usually green to light brown fruit is skinny on top and round on the bottom?

Pears were a popular fruit in the ancient world, spreading throughout Asia and Europe. There are many varieties and they're cultivated all over the world.

Which stiff green vegetable has strong stems, leading to grainy greens at the top of each "head"?

Flowers of broccoli are called "heads" of broccoli. Broccoli can be eaten raw with dressing or as part of a summer salad, or it can be baked in the oven, steamed, or even sauteed.

Which veggies are round and purple, with white roots?

Turnips are not often eaten by themselves. Rather, they're an ingredient in colorful dishes throughout the world. More than just the root is edible - many people embrace the use of turnip greens, the leaves at the top of a turnip.

Which short, fuzzy, green vegetable is a Southern U.S. staple?

Okra made its way to the U.S. from Africa. It's typically served fried, in gumbo or in soup.

Which purple veggie is served pickled more often than not?

Beets can be spiral sliced for a creative topping or eaten straight out of the can. Beets are also the secret ingredient for a rich, dark chocolate cake.

Which long, green vegetable is often grilled, sauteed, or even shredded (raw) to make bread?

Zucchini is a fun addition to summer grilling, but it's also an easy ingredient for moist, decadent zucchini bread. You can make an easy side dish in minutes by chopping and sauteing zucchini with some olive oil, fresh minced garlic and salt.

Which red, almost heart-shaped fruit is a favorite at pick-your-own farms and can be eaten raw, used in jams and jellies, or baked in pies?

Strawberries are a pick-your-own favorite that end up in treats from cereal to ice cream. Strawberry rhubarb pie, strawberry cobbler, strawberry jam... the list just goes on!

Which fruit has a light orange to subtle red coloring when ripe, around a single large pit?

Peaches are originally from China and were said to be favorites of the royal family. Fortunately, they're now grown across the world, so everyone - not just emperors - can enjoy them!

The tiny red seeds of which fruit were said to have trapped Persephone in Hades?

As the Greek myth goes, Persephone wasn't allowed to leave Hades permanently because she ate a few pomegranate seeds during her captivity there. Because of this, she married Hades and spent half the year in the underworld and the other half with her mother in the fields.

Which little round green veggies are often found in cans or frozen, after being harvested from their pods?

The expression "like peas in a pod" refers to the positioning of peas before they're removed from the pod: they're naturally found lined up right next to each other in a tight space.

Which little red berry, smaller than most strawberries, is a summer favorite?

Raspberries, blackberries and black raspberries all grow on bushes and are sometimes offered as "pick your own" when in season. These berry bushes are covered in thorns, however, so it's helpful to wear long sleeves, pants and gloves if you don't want to come out bleeding!

Which root is bright red on the outside, white on the inside?

Radishes can be eaten raw, cooked or pickled. The most popular salad radishes are round and red, but other colors and shapes are available.

Which dark green or black fruit is green on the inside with a large, spherical pit, and is often mistaken for a vegetable?

Avocados are prized for their healthy fat and mild taste, making them an ideal topping for everything from fajitas to toast. They're also enjoyed as a cooking substitute for things like yogurt or sour cream.

Which tropical fruit can be green, red or yellow on the outside, with a long, hard seed in the middle?

To prepare a mango, peel the outside, then shave off the flesh around the core. Champagne mangoes are ripe when they're yellow and just barely soft; other varieties should show some red in addition to green.

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