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How much do you know about the skeletal frame that supports your body, letting you do things like walk and talk? Find out if you make a passing grade on your knowledge of the human skeleton!

What is a typical symptom of arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the immune system mistakenly attacking the tissues surrounding a joint. The result is painful fluid build-up and stiffness.

What is the place where two bones meet called?

Two bones are joined at a joint. Joints can be fixed (immovable), semimovable or movable.

Which of these bones are part of the spine?

Your spine is composed of 29 vertebrae, starting with the cervical vertebrae at the base of your skull and ending with the sacral vertebrae by your tailbone.

What is the name of a common bone disease that causes holes to form in the bone tissue?

Osteoporosis is known to affect women more often than men and typically is not a problem until old age. Unfortunately, it can be very painful and puts the patient at a high risk for bone fractures.

Red blood cells are created in the...

Bone marrow is important for creating new red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. For patients who cannot create enough new blood cells, a bone marrow transplant, while dangerous, can be life saving.

Patella is another name for...

The name patella is derived from the Latin word meaning "shallow dish." It refers to the shape of a kneecap, which looks a little like a saucer.

For the last few decades, dietitians and doctors have encouraged patients to drink lots of _____ to increase bone health.

Since milk is high in calcium, a nutrient necessary for bone growth, it's been recommended as a good way to build and keep healthy bones. However, recent research has placed members of the medical community on both sides of the fence; for example, several studies show no decreased risk of bone fractures later in life due to drinking milk.

What type of joint is your shoulder?

The ball-and-socket joint allows rotational movement for our arms, so we can do things like dance or throw balls.

Synovial fluid protects bones like the patella from ...

If it weren't for synovial fluid, bones would grate at each other due to the friction between the two. The fluid keeps them smooth and ready for action.

Where are your phalanges?

Your fingers and toes are formally known as phalanges, so named after the orderly "phalanx" used by the Romans in battle.

What is the correct name for the thigh bone?

The femur supports your thigh, while the sternum is the plate-like bone that joins together your rib cage.

What holds two bones together at a movable joint?

Bones are directly attached by ligaments, stretchy tissues needed for joints that aren't fixed in place. If all our joints were connected by bone, we wouldn't be able to walk!

Before a bone becomes a bone, it starts as...

During fetal development, all humans began their lives with a skeleton made of cartilage. Over time, the cartilage is hardened into bone.

What does the word "ossification" describe?

Ossification is the process by which cartilage becomes bone. Minerals (like calcium) layer onto the cartilage and harden.

Which human body part never starts as cartilage?

The brain needs a hard case to protect it as soon as possible. This is why the skull is comprised of several plates of bone fused together.

Which of the following is an example of a hinge joint?

The elbow is a perfect example of a hinge joint: it doesn't have the range of motion allowed by a ball-and-socket joint, but it does permit raising, lowering and twisting your lower arm.

What is a likely explanation for the existence of the tail bone?

The tailbone is likely a vestigial organ -- something that once served a purpose in an earlier species, but which is now not important. A tailbone probably is all that's left of what used to be a tail!

A tendon connects...

Some muscles are directly attached to the bone, whereas others are attached to bone by tendons. The knee, for example, has many tendons and ligaments to keep the leg bones and muscles working together.

On what part of your body is the humerus bone?

The humerus connects at your shoulder and at the elbow to the other bones of the body. Below it are the radius and ulna, the bones that form your forearm.

What is the longest continuous bone in your body?

The femur, the bone that supports the thigh, is the longest bone in the human body. The second longest is the tibia, or shin bone.

Bones are covered by a _____ called the periosteum.

The periosteum protects the bone and houses both blood vessels and nerves so that the body can transport nutrients in and out of the bones, among other things.

Where in the bone is bone marrow housed?

Spongy bone is far from soft -- it's extremely rigid. But it's also porous, meaning there is plenty of room to house bone marrow.

Which of the following is not one of the five most commonly broken bones?

The most commonly broken bones are the collarbone, the major arm bones, the wrist, the ankle, and the hip. These bones are more likely to be damaged in a fall because of their position on the body.

Which of the following is not part of the axial skeleton?

The axial skeleton is comprised of the major bones from your head down through your spine: the skull, spine, rib cage and sternum.

What is the strongest bone in the body?

The femur bears the brunt of your weight and can withstand more than most bones. It's strongest because it has to be in order to support common activities like walking, running, and jumping.

Relaxin is a hormone that...

Relaxin is good news for women who are pregnant. It allows the pelvic ligaments to relax, giving their hips a better range of motion to accommodate the needs of their child.

Why is smoking associated with decreased bone health?

Smoking is bad for bones in both men and women but is especially dangerous for women because the lower estrogen negatively affects bone density. The result is a high risk of osteoporosis.

How many total phalanges do most people have?

Phalanges, otherwise known as fingers and toes, are usually found in four sets of five for a total of twenty. Some people are born with more or fewer digits.

Seven to 10 percent of this toxic substance is stored in bone instead of being excreted:

While most lead is flushed through the kidneys, some of it is deposited in human bone. It's problematic if the person experiences bone degeneration later in life, as this can re-expose them to the lead.

Which of the following animals has the most bones?

Whales have over three hundred bones, with the exact number species-dependent. Humans have 206 bones, meaning they have even fewer bones than cats (244).

What percent of the body's mass comes from bones?

Even though your skeleton provides the framework for your body, it's relatively light. It only accounts for less than 20 percent of your body mass, with your muscles and organ systems filling out the rest.

How many ribs do men and women have?

Men and women both have two sets of twelve ribs. The ribs protect vital organs like the lung and heart.

Which of the following is true about bones?

Bones are made up of three distinct regions: the periosteum (outer covering), compact bone and spongy bone.

What is one of the best predictors of future bone health?

Eating a diet rich in calcium and other vitamins is extremely important for bone health, but exercise is a top predictor of bone health. In fact, researchers found that exercise during key developmental years is one of the best predictors of thick, strong bones.

Which of the following types of teeth are known for their pointy appearance?

Canines are the pointiest of your teeth, while molars and premolars are wide and a little jagged. They're named after the Latin word meaning "dog."

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